Backblast: Cornhusker Handicap, The One With the Shovel Flag Pass, 9/7/2021

Setting: Aksarben Stinson Park, Clear 73˚F

Qic: Two Step

PAX: (28) Vandelay R, Landsbury, Toadstool, Brazillian, Icy Hot, Cosmo, Othello, The Plague, Tater-tot, Slow Pitch, Demagorgon, Gunner, Bubbles, Grillz, Buns of Steel, Khakis R, Retweet, Jean Claude, Stitches, Dome, Doll Face, Rancid (welcome back brother), Ruxpin, Grease Fire, Polaroid, Wait Time R, Bovine, Two Step

Prerun, 0500: 8pax took Shirley, further up 66th and Pacific, descending to Keystone’s rolling trail back to the Flag. Encountered Jean Claude descending Shirley all by his lonesome self, sans Sparty to the surprise of all. Also encountered a skunk meandering the Stinson track toward the Bradford Bowl Stage.

Pre-Beatdown, 0525: Q and Nantan avert overhaul to preset beatdown cones by shooing said varmint from same Bradford Bowl Stage.

Beatdown 0530: Q welcomed PAX, stated mission, listed the encircling core principles, discovered no FNGs, and disclaimed professionalism.

Mosey: one near-complete loop of the Stinson track to circle-up on the flat eastern edge of the field.


                Tappy Taps

                Tater Taps

                Monkey Humpers



                Cherry Pickers

                Overhead Claps

                Side Straddle Hops

Count for Thing: 10 groups

Pre-Thing: PAX aligned along the hill south of the track

                Clock Merkins

                Bolt 45’s

                Clock Merkins

Thing: Ring of Fire. The 10 groups of PAX distributed to 10 respective cones, each labeled with a single exercise, stationed in a large circle in the Bradford Bowl and incorporating the Stage. Station 1 pushed, the remainder AMRAPed the exercise of that cone.

  1. Push station, backwards run around the circle of cones and the stage. Upon returning, “Push!”
  2. Bonnie Blairs
  3. Merkins
  4. Flutter Kicks
  5. Burpees
  6. Air Squats
  7. Mountain Climbers
  8. Big Boy Situps
  9. Box Jumps – onto stage
  10. Jump Rope
    Mosey: Track around Obelisk, encircling within the well-lit lawn west of the obelisk, planking until six, and until Q retrieved phone and flag, kindly assisted by Jean Claude, who had been running around the venue throughout the prerun and beatdown.

Post-Thing: Absolutions x 12

Name-o-rama: joyously uneventful

Announcements: Iron Pax going on. Two Club Conundrum this Saturday. AO launch next Tuesday at Swanson Elementary, led by Wide Right.

Prayers: Bovine getting married this weekend.

Rancid and all the wonderful work he is doing in Chicago.

COT: Thanks again for the opportunity to lead today, to follow every other day, and to lead the Featured AO of the Gloom for the past year. This has been a wonderful ride for me. In fact, my whole time here in F3 has been the same. On that thought, I’d like to share some feelings about our Credo. F3 found me at a time when I believed my shit was stacked reasonably well. Before F3 I was running quite a bit and in pretty good shape, but not F3 Shape, which is more comprehensive and healthier. I had friends, but I certainly didn’t have fellowship with them in the way I do now. And although there may have been reasonable purpose and perspective in my life, it lacked connection to community that I have gained through this group. Even through the minimal effort it takes to be a site-Q, in service primarily to F3, I feel a deeper connection to my community as a whole. And the vibes I get from serving here give me more energy to be of service elsewhere to my family and the broader community. F3 is open to all men, and it can serve all men. It does this in no small part by providing them an opportunity for them to serve itself. It’s a vicious circle, right, just minus the vicious. So, for this I thank you all, for not leaving me where you found me.

Because Cornhusker HC has played a central role in F3OMaha doing this for me, I care deeply about it and chose a successor who will foster its excellence as the featured AO, and whose presence in the gloom will motivate PAX to post. Buns of Steel is that guy. He brings a presence to the gloom that can complete whatever group he joins. He’s got a quiet, put your head down and get shit done attitude that others want to emulate. He is not bombast, loud or obnoxious. When he speaks people listen. In addition, and I didn’t mention this so much at the actual beat down COT, but in my heart, I believe Buns will be served by Cornhusker in the same way that I was. It will build his confidence as a leader and inspire him to do even more for F3, and likely the larger community. When I told him I wanted to pass the flag to him, I wondered if he might be apprehensive, with a number of questions about what that meant, the commitment and if he was right for it, and vice versa. Instead, his response was reflexively quick, “Yes.” No hesitation. And I believe that’s the way he is going to lead this year. Whatever Cornhusker Handicap needs to do, it will be a reflexively quick “yes” and it will get done.
Thank you to Brazillian who preceded us, to Bubbles for passing the flag to me, and to Buns of Steel for taking it forward.
2 Step

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