Friday, September 3rd, 2021

AO: The Colosseum/The Battlefield

PAX completing workout: Double Dip, Tiger King, Griswold, Samples, Swiper, Veggie Tales, Grillz, Speed Square, Maaco, Lite Brite, Escobar, Hoser, Gator, Flanders, Skidz, KOA, Wide Right, Tin Cup, Lucky Charms, Vanilla Ice, Tenderfoot, Dirty Bird, Khakis, Second Chance, Ice T, Chiclets, Animal House, Splinter….cell, Yogi, Wait Time, Doll Face, Folsom

Proctors: Smashmouth & Hard Hat

YHC showed up early to survey the site for any potential obstacles, and to get in some speed work on the track since I was planning on just proctoring and not completing the workout. Escobar was already there, anxious to get going. After identifying a start line for the runs, and setting up the speaker and some lanterns, I got in a quick mile on the track. I had intentions of doing 2 miles, but as guys were showing up and hanging out, I was missing the fellowship that was just out of grasp while I was running, so I settled with a mile. Upon completion of the run, and starting to chat with a few guys, there was some feedback about the location of the start line. After some solid discussion about pros and cons of the spot chosen, the start line was relocated to the corner of the track where the rubber top meets the turf. This gives guys a choice of doing merkins on the rubber or on the turf. By 5am, it was already looking like we were going to have a pretty good turnout. I knew there would be at least one guy showing up a little late, and with a larger group, I had already planned on splitting the group into two waves to help keep everyone out of the merkin area at the same time. As guys were showing up, I added their name to the list to track them. Skipping lines on the spreadsheet, quickly filled up, and soon, all of the spaces on the spreadsheet were filled, and there was still one more name to add. 32 guys had shown up to complete the Week 0 workout. WOW. Thankfully, Smashmouth came out to witness this and was willing to help proctor. It would’ve been a little more of a challenge to complete the workout in Crocs and with a coffee mug in hand. His help was instrumental in trying to keep up with all of the guys completing laps.

Group 1 was called up and informed to get in their starting positions. When the clock started, they all starting chiseling away at the 100 merkins to start off this brutal beatdown. After two minutes, Group 2 was given the go ahead to start. I won’t go into the juicy details of times, etc. because you should’ve been there if you weren’t there. Just know, 100 merkins, then an 800m run, 75 merkins, then 1200m run, 50 merkins, 1600m run, 25 merkins, 2000m run. This workout drains the arms, then forces you to run… a lot. 250 total merkins and 3.5 miles. In typical F3 and IPC fashion, when guys finished the workout, they went on to pick up the 6. This is always an amazing site, and I’m always proud to be apart of this group when I see things like that. Great work gentlemen!

We had some announcements and prayer requests. The COT started off with an apology for language, then proceeded to go “Holy S***, you guys are beasts!”. In my mind I was going to drop an F bomb, but something held me back. Maybe because there was someone else using the track at the time, and he was probably already pissed about having to listen to my obnoxious music while he was walking. I went on to talk about how even though we say the workout is you vs. you, something like this, together with others, always pushes you to do better or more than you would’ve done on your own. I butchered a quote from an ancient Roman poet. Here is the actual quote “A horse never runs so fast as when he has other horses to catch up and outpace.” -Ovid. I rambled on more about things along the same lines, which hopefully came off as somewhat motivational, inspiring, or at least not too dumb. However it was received, I’m super honored to get to be with you guys for crazy things like this. Everyone completed the beatdown, and was supporting others in someway, which makes me happy. Great job everyone!

Aye! Hard Hat

PS: if you have an issue with the time I recorded for you or anyone else, forget about it. It’s week 0, so it doesn’t count.

Also, I saw what everyone put into that workout, so I know that it does actually count. You didn’t just do 250 merkins and run 3.5 miles for nothing. Just don’t get worked up about the times. It’ll drive you crazy. Crazy in a bad way, not the good way that we all enjoy about F3.

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