Oracle, 9/4/21 7am edition
4 Pax posting, huge group today of Cheap Seats, Blades of Glory, Hey Hey, and YHC, Kill
YHC was a little concerned about there being more cones in his Q than people, but was excited
at the chance to adapt to a change in venue and size. The intent was to make this a Walking
Dead theme, in honor of the final season. I quickly realized that not everyone in the group had
been watching it over the last few months like my M and I, so the few references I put in there
didn’t hit that hard.
After a quick mosey around the boulevard between the buildings, we landed at the tree circle for

  1. Warm-o-rama
    Wind Mills – 15 IC
    Sun gods – 10IC each direction
    Side Straddle Hops – 15 IC
  2. Easy street!
    Listened to Easy Street, the song from the episodes of the walking dead when Daryl was
    captured by Negan’s guys ( Pax did Zombie
    imperial walkers Burpee when the singer said street. We did the song twice, then the remix
    started playing automatically over spotify, so we did a victory lap with that song.
  3. Ricktatorship
    3 rounds of dictatorship
    Dictator merkins
    Plank until I say down, hold down until I say up 5x
    Dictator squats
    Al Gore until I say up, then stand up, then down 5x
  4. The thang at the field
    2 man grinder. Second person runs to cones, about 75yds away line and does a Turkish getup
    to ride from the dead and runs back to person 1. Going to a total of 50 each exercise, we made
    it through two rounds and then ran down to grab the cones
    ● Carolina dry docks
    ● Body weight squats
    ● Monkey humpers
    ● Good mornings

● Merkins
● Plank jacks
● Big Boy situps

  1. Coupon retrieval
    ● Mosey’d to go get the coupons that Blades of Glory left by the building after the 6am
    oracle, then walked back passing them to one another.
  2. Mary at the shovel flags
    ● 15x Freddy Mercury IC
    ● 15x Box cutters IC (in honor of Vandelay)
    ● 15x Rosalita IC (in honor of Cheap Seats)
    ● 20x American hammers, Rancid style, I messed up the count halfway through,
    counting is a cruel mistress

-in the 7 habits of highly successful people by Stephen r covey, he talks about getting the
golden egg, or the successful outcome out of a situation.
-he talks about your circle of influence and your circle of concern.
-the circle of concern is all of the events around you that you need to be aware of
-the circle of influence is all of the events that you can control
The path to getting the golden egg is to be aware of the circle of concern, but to focus your
energy on your circle of influence.
We now have so much information coming at us that you can’t even process half of it. The truth
is that most of that stuff doesn’t even matter. Try going a week without watching the news and
see how much your life changes. Try turning off Twitter or unfollowing everyone but me and
see what changes there. Or… Stay plugged in, but try to shrink your circle of concern and
expand your circle of influence.

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