F3 Omaha October 4th? – September 4th – The (Brad) Pit

Site The Pit at Halleck Park

Q: Overhereonourrightwithuh Biff here. With Co-Q’s Swiper, GirlDad, Safe Ride and Big One

PAX: Chrenobyl, GirlDad, Double Dip, Scoober, Big One, Wiper? Swiper, G Rooney, Fun Dip, Baby Shark, Safe Ride, Fish Oil, FNG Old Dominion, FNG Airwolf, Gipper 

Welcome to,… I was thinking this is the Canyon, wait no not the Canyon, i apologize, it was one of those West O sites, either the Dragon Lair or Oracle, no not the Oracle, big sigh, I apologize, this is the Brad Pit!

Welcome: F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship and Faith and the Mission is to Plant, Grow and Serve

If you don’t have your health you have NOTHING!

5 Core Principles: Be free of charge, Be open to all men, Be held outdoors, Be led in a rotating fashion, End with a Circle of Trust

This workout has nothing to do with Blackshirts or yellow shirts or white shirts or whatever the heck it is.

I’m Not a professional and SAY Stafe!

Like Bill Moo’s Lets Mosey outtathearea!


Swiper had a date with the Huskers in Lincoln so he led a quick round before departing.


5 of each type: Merkins, Diamond, Ranger, Chuck Norris, Werkins, Crucifix

Safe Ride assisted in leading the PAX in warm-a-rama

Calm down – Abe Vigoda’s nice and slow X 5 IC

You can’t beat fun. – GOOFBALLS X 10 IC

Chan Ho Park – I gotta lotta diarrhea – Mountain man poopers X 10 IC

Like Bo Pelini We Point the Thumb – Diamond Merkins X 10

You missed it, you missed it, it went over your head claps! X 15 IC

October 4th? September 4th – 4 Tappy Taps followed by 4 Tater Taps

OH my Gosh, here comes the Wave – Moroccan Night clubs X 15 IC 

Big Mac Sac – Makhtar N’Diayes X 10 IC

Dip ‘em in the batter then dip ‘em in the flour. – 10 regular Dips followed by 10 Rockette Dips

Tim Miles mosey  to the Pre-Thang site

Pre Thang

GirlDad led part 1 of the Pre Thang

I ate the Pizza, all by myself, nobody el, ates eat the pizza. – MJ  

Pizza Wheel of Merkin – Start in plank position at 12 o’clock. 5 Incline Merkins. Move to 3 o’clock, 5 Merkins. Move to 6 do 5 Derkins , move to 9 o’clock and do 5 more Merkins. – Repeat

Big One led part 2 of the Pre-Thang

You are a Clown! – Clowney exercise (2 jump squats on UP followed by 4 merkins on Down) x 7 Clowney’s #,  The PAX counted off into 3’s.

Tim Miles mosey 

Station 1

Monkey Humpin the cotton candy X 20 IC

Open up some salsa – Explodes all over muh chest! – Seal Claps X 20 IC

Hypothetical Hydraulic Squats X 10 IC

Enjoy your Bye! Bear crawl to Station 2

Station 2

George Gerkin Merkins X 25, Whatya 10? Burpees X 10,  I  cannot hear air – Squats X 40

We have to go BACK! Wards to the next station. Bernie Sanders run to Station 3

Station 3

Magic Johnson’s Dead Legggs – Bonnie Blair’s X 15 IC followed by Bobby Hurley’s X 15

Big Giant Wreck (Leg Wrecker to next station– squat – 2 walking lunges (repeat))

Might that topic be Revisited?  – Rinse and Repeat

The PAX made it through 2 complete rounds and YHC certainly had DEAD LEGGS!

We started to mosey back to the shovel flags, but GirlDad asked twiced what we were doing until I understood and clarified that we were going to “Tim Miles Mosey” back to the shovel flags.

Mary – 

I thought Whoa – Tom Osborne (Kobe Crunch) 25 (Years as HC) IC

I’m Not HapHapHappy about that. – Canoe Crunch X 20 IC

Garg Sharpe TOUCHDOWN THAT’S A TOUCHDOWN – dying cockroaches X 20 IC

American Hammers (Singing Howdareyou.com, howdareyou.com, you need to log on to howdareyou.com (That’s 1) X 5).


The PAX who are familiar with the Schick and Nick Show/podcast had a great time laughing at all the drops and making jokes during mumble chatter on a mosey.  The rest of the PAX enjoyed the uniqueness of the workout and hopefully they will sign up for the POD and join the listening ranks!

In the words of the mighty Paul Rhodes: 

Got people tired everywhere, got people sore everywhere, l couldn’t be prouder. NO, LISTEN TO ME, LISTEN TO ME I AM SO PROUD TO BE YOUR Q!

Take a knee. Prayer. From the bottom of my ART.

Aye, Biff

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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