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Q: T-Ball (VQ)

28 PAX arrived to hear the F3 welcome, disclaimer, and introduce 1 new FNG. Pre-blast highlighted a classic 80’s movie (Over the Top), but no arm-wrestling matches broke out (at least that I saw).

Warm-a-rama included mosey down to the basketball court. This included 20 Side Straddle Hops IC, 15 Tempo Merkins IC, 20 Big Ones, 10 forward/10 backward Sun Gods, and 10 Burpees.

Pre-Thang involved a mosey from basketball court to the neighborhood block west of the parking lot. At each corner, PAX were gathered to do a single exercise. The first corner was 20 Carolina Dry Docks, followed by mosey to second corner of the block for 20 Mountain Climbers IC. Mosey to 3rd corner was followed by 20 Ranger Merkins (sensing a theme of chest/arm work for a possible arm wrestling match over a pin-ball machine). Final mosey took us to the start of the block for the last exercise, 15 squat jumps.

The Thang: The PAX counted off for three groups total. Station 1 was located on the basketball court, station 2 on the north side of the parking lot, and station 3 was located on the top of the hill past the fire station.

Station 1:

20 Groiners

20 Werkins

20 Bobby Hurleys

20 Frozen Freddies

15 Alligator Merkins

Rinse and Repeat

Station 2 (Coupon Station—all exercises done with Coupon)

15 Curls

15 Shoulder Press

15 Coupon (kettlebell) Swings

20 Walking Lunges (Coupon on back)

Murder Bunnies for appx 75’ and then back to start

Station 3 (Push Group)

Mosey to top of Fire Station Hill

15 Knerkins

10 Burpees

15 Squat Jumps

15 Spiderman Merkins

Mosey back to Basketball Court to push Group 1

Each group was able to complete each station once until Omaha was calledat 6:04 am. The PAX ran to the Fire hill to bring in the 6. PAX gathered quickly at the Shovel Flags for 6 MOM, which was closer to 2 MOM. We closed out with 28 American Hammers Rancid Style.

Circle of Trust:

Name-o-Rama was completed, followed by the naming of FNG Goose, who told us an incredible story about his time in the military and experience ona particularly hairy flight while serving overseas.

Announcements: Continued participation in IRON PAX encouraged, as wellas First Friday Lunch at Inner Rail beginning at 11:30am Friday.

The COT topic was about embracing our weaknesses and pushing through times of incredible discomfort. The workout was centered around constant movement, with exercises hitting similar areas to push to new levels of pain and trying to find a way to improve our weaknesses through the support of fellow PAX. I discussed that since starting F3 on 7/14/21, Mother Goose was my Q and it pushed me to a level of pain I hadn’t experienced in quite some time. I relayed a story from the book “Make Your Bed” by 4-star Admiral and retired US Navy Seal William McRaven. He shares a story from his days in BUD/S where he and a swim buddy werefrequently tasked with 2-mile open ocean swims in the middle of the nightin the freezing Pacific Ocean with no moonlight. Those who finished toward the bottom were forced to hit the grinder for more PT exercises and over the course of several weeks, he and his swim partner used the extra PT to gain strength and eventually started to finish the swim in first place, soundly beating their fellow BUD/S classmates. The lesson shared was using moments of pain and weakness to push through with your fellow PAX and begin strengthening these areas we are tempted to avoid. I have undoubtedly benefitted from F3 in this way and thank my brothers for pushing me to new heights. Onward and upward.



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