09/03/2021: The Golden Spike, Humidity 93% and 71 degrees.  The rain held off.

QIC: Vandelay

Shortly before I left home today, I thought I should grab more cones just in case the field would be locked, but why would that be the case- right?  The 6 cones I had should be fine to light up a goal line.  I headed up early to set up before Pre-run and upon arriving at the field- Holy Crap- the field was locked.  Probably because of football games last night and tonight.  Oh well, I would need to set up in the upper parking lot and figured I could get an approximate 100-yard field set up with 10 yard intervals.  I was 2 cones short of designating the last 2 10-yard segments.  As I walked back for Pre-run, Slow Pitch was showing up, almost like a sign from above.  Knowing he is a well-seasoned youth soccer coach, I was sure he would be carrying a stash of cones.  He did not disappoint.

Pre-run went off with no issues with the usual lively Friday banter, but elevated slightly because of the impending holiday weekend.

We had a good group established.  I announced our start and apologized for my necessary audible called on our location.  No FNGs were present.

PAX: Skipper, Mother Goose, Retweet, Uhmpa, Kielbasa, Big One, Doppler, Black Flag, Tater Tot, Z-Bo, Squidward, Static, No Doze, Gunner, Romeo, FDIC, Rainman, Super Tasty, Drano, Slow Pitcha, Slapshot, Truuly, TC (Respect), Room Service, Convoy

I presented the mission, core principles, and disclaimers, and the PAX moseyed to the west upper parking lot and circled up for warm-a-rama.


We started off with some yoga back and core stretches

Big Ones- 10 count on each side twice

Tappy Taps- 12 IC

We numbered into groups of 4-5 – which proved to be a larger challenge than expected.  We are awesome at counting and following directions.

We then ran 15 yards between our group with arm exercises on one side and leg exercises on the other.

Pre Thang

Plank – Chillcut- Merkins :  20 count of each for three consecutive rounds.


Thang consisted of pairing up with your Warm-A- Rama group.  As a group they started at our concrete goal line and ran 10 yards and did Bernie Sanders back, then 20 yards and back, then 30 yards, etc til you reached the other goal line.  Exercises were at each 10-yard mark in quantity of line marker:

10 – Alarm Clocks

20- Monkey Humpers IC

30- Merkins


50- Air Squats

40- Flutter Kicks IC

30- Mountain Climbers IC

20- Bobby Hurleys

10- Bonnie Blairs IC

1 Oh Yeah

Omaha was called after just barely starting to R and R


Box cutters – 20 IC.  PAX were encouraged to remember that boxes are traditionally rectangles Dyeing Cockroaches – 15 IC

American Hammer – Rancid Style


No issues

Announcements & Prayers:• Queen Service is coming to an end today• First Friday Lunch at Inner Rail today• Iron Pax challenge tomorrow at The Pit• Prayers foro No Doze’s Mother, Barbo Z-Bo’s friend Erico Crabcakes and his family during difficult family health issueso Happy Birthday tomorrow to my mom.

Message from the Q – Vandelay:

I had Q’d almost exactly a year ago at Spike and my COT centered around differences in people with political issues and items related to COVID.  Yet we are all people and should be helping each other.  Amazing how much things have not changed.

Today is National Chianti Day, which reminded me of La Festa Italiano going on this weekend, indicative of festivals and family gatherings.  Things that remind me of the good in people coming together.  Well, today we are still dealing with political separations, COVID disagreements, mask/ no mask, vax/ no vax, not in my back yard, don’t tell me what to do, etc.  You get the picture.

What we need to be reminded of is that we are all humans and need each other to be better.  Some people are not recognizing this and are focused on themselves all the time.

We can and need to be Better Humans.  Recognize what each other needs and do what we can to help and be good to each other.

Thanks to Mother Goose for allowing me the opportunity to lead today.



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