Friday, Sept 2 | The Brickyard | Stinson Park| 5:30 AM | 72 Degrees

PAX (12): Safe Ride, BloodShot, Beta Max, Stella!, Huffy, Knobs, Drain-O (DR from S. Carolina), Squeaky Clean, Finkel, Road House, Edison, Full Guard

QIC: Jean-Claude

Pre-Run: Drain-O, Road House, Huffy, Squeaky Clean, BetaMax, Finkle, Safe Ride

Warm-a-rama: .25mi jog 

Pre Thang: .25mi jog

The Thang:  While the pre-runners were out, JCMP snuck over to Shirley with a stash of coupons, he had to hide at one point, as the pre-runners almost intercepted him before turning down a side street.  Once past, QIC placed 5 coupons at the base of Shirley, and 5 coupons at the top of Shirley across the street.  Upon his return, he encountered for the first time Edison and Full-Guard.  Upon greeting them, and seeing them unload their own coupons, JCMP stated “you might not need those today”.  Both HIM gave a cordial nod, then shrugged and continued to offload their own coupons.

At 5:30 sharp, QIC welcomed the PAX, asked for the 5 core principles from them, and emphatically gave the disclaimer.  He then welcomed everyone to WAR (.25mi mosey), then the pre-thang (.25mi mosey) in a round-a-bout way to the base of Shirley.  During the mosey, he separated the PAX into groups of 4.  

Groans arose as we turned to Shirley and mumblechatter about “no coupons” arose until the great unveiling:

The groups of 4 split in half, with one half being the “top” and one half being the “bottom”

The “bottom” was responsible for 400 Blockees total

The “top” was responsible for 800 Thrusters

QIC took the “tops” to their starting position, (top of Shirley) and had them wait until he released the 2nd team member of the “bottoms” for a sequential 4-man grinder.

# Off/Name-o-rama/FNG/Announcements/PrayerRequests/COT/Buckle Presentation/Prayer:

Welcome from DownRange: DrainO.  Found us via the website, and was lucky  enough to pick the Brickyard.

Announcements – Congrats to the QS guys and best of luck on your weigh ins today.  1st Friday Lunch today.  Squeaky’s friend is suffering from Breast Cancer, you can donate via his posting on Slack/Whatsapp.

Prayer Requests – Knobbs’ Father; our Country, Squeaky’s Friend, Stella’s FiL, Spacebar’s family.

COT – My Theme for today was REBOOT.  I recently made a professional change, and it effectively “rebooted” my career.  The things I worried about entering the change were ultimately not as impactful as I envisioned.  When I hit the reboot, I honed in on the “why” and my path forward; I cleared my mind of everything else I couldn’t control.  

Today’s workout was meant to do the same, clear the noise, do something difficult, and clear the path forward, not looking back with regret. 

I encouraged others faced with reboot decisions in their lives to assess their “why” before hitting the button.  Then, once it has taken effect, to simply do the things you committed to doing, with a clear path in mind, not fearing or lamenting the things they can’t control.

I experienced a “hard reboot”.  Not everyone has to do that.  Perhaps this weekend, make a “soft reboot” and clear a path forward for a new opportunity in your life.


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