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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Lake Zorinsky Park, Omaha, NE

66° Rain, like a lot of it.  On and off.   Pre-run Group arrived at 4:45 we decided to alter our run around the torrential downpour & lightning.  It stopped raining thinking we were done but during the beatdown the second wave of the storms came through making sure we were completely soaked!  Held outdoors Rain or Shine!

8 PAX:  Gator, Thomas, Hard Hat,,Wait time, Lincoln Log, Chip & Dale, Blades of Glory, Mufasa

QIC: Blades of Glory

Blades welcomed 8 PAX to the Wild Kingdom. 5 Core Principles, mission statement, disclaimer (especially with Coupons).

The PAX carried the coupons to the shelter by the playground area.  There they did the warm-a-rama.   


Side Straddle Hop – 15 IC

Imperial Walkers-15 IC

Tappy Tap – 10 IC

Big One – 10 IC

Pre-Thang:   The pax did a  puddle run around the roundabout to the Bathroom.  There we wall squat as each pax counted to 10.  Balls to the wall with Shoulder tap 15 IC,  10 Second recovery (allowing blood to circulate again) Wall squat for another 20 count.  Then did 15 Donkey Kicks.  Headed to the the thang and made sure we went back in the most puddles that Hard hat could find to add the water weight to our feet!  


The Pax made it back to the playground area shelter picnic tables where our coupons were ready to be redeemed (at this time it was not raining but Sky Q brought the soundtrack of Lightning & Thunder as the Thang progressed).   All involved the Coupon and in sets of 10.  Clean & Jerk, 10 Burpees, 10 overhead lunges, 10 l”B”c (IC), 10 Curls, 10 Air Squats (DC style) 10 hand release Derkins then run over the bridge pass the cars (I mean manly vehicles like trucks and SUV) up the running path hill to the T-intersection then back.  Rinse and repeat until Omaha.  Noteworthy points & news.  Yes we were under shelter with the rain but rain wasn’t coming straight down.  Hard hat lapped everyone again.  I think we had at least 19 extra coupons.  Hard hat also somehow got bug spray in chip & dale eyes, Wait time said it goes down as one of the top 5 storms!  Lots of audible due to the rain but made it happen.  Already feeling it as I type it out… 


Plank – 2 x 10 count

Plank with shoulder taps.  15 IC

American Hammer 30 IC


First Friday Lunch

Iron Pax Friday 5:15 @ Westside (hard hat)  or Sat. 6:00 @ Halleck Park (Biff)


Crab Cakes in law’s health issues and opening weekend

Family in Military


How did I end up here at F3? Guy from one of those anonymous meetings encouraged me to go.  Wasn’t sure about it but the culture is the same that he explained to me.  Men who wake up at 5:15 to work out are wanting to improve themselves and others and that is what I see and want for myself.  

Why Do I stay?  I stay because I know I am enough.  With Love and Empathy Shame Can’t Grow.  f3 kicks shame in the a$$,  leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.  Noteworthy:  lots of awkward silence since Blades got emotional… again… with starting a story then doing an audible to one that he thought he could finish.. But then another audible… just like the weather.

-Wait Time ended in prayer.

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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