24 August 2021 / Wild Kingdom / 5:30 a.m. / Lake Zorinsky / 75 degrees / Wind SE 4 mph /
74% humidity / Muggy
PAX (20): Hawg (Respect). FNG Bruce (Spinal Tap), Blades of Glory, Escobar, Butterfly
(Respect), Chippendale, Lincoln Log (Respect, Respect), Kielbasa, Ruxpin, Thomas, Fine Print,
Tee Ball, Mufasa, Over Time, Bear Grylls, Crab Cakes, eHarmony, Wax On, Barn Door, and
QIC: Gator
Prerunners (3): Barn Door, Blades of Glory, and Gator
Even with a bright moon, the Wild Kingdom was still the darkest AO in Omaha. Setting up
lights, cones, coupons, and clipboards was an interesting task at 4:25 a.m. But I managed to
finish up around the time that Barn Door and Blades of Glory arrived for a slow and muggy run
around the Lake.
We returned to see a good number of PAX and coupons gathering together.
At 5:30 a.m, the Q welcomed the PAX and hit the 5 core principles; the mission statement, and
credo. FNG Bruce was in attendance, although no one would know if it was Mufusa pretending
to be an FNG because it was so dark. Disclaimer provided and then a mozy to the boat ramp
parking lot for
Where did the following exercises:
Big ones x 10 IC
Windmills x 15 IC
Tappy Taps x 20 IC
High Knees x 10 IC
Imperial Walkers x 16 IC (oops)
SSH x 20 IC
The Pre-Thang:
Then we lined up against the wall of the boathouse and did this stuff:
Wall Sit (5 count per pax)*

*This was nicely done in a perfect count up and count down fashion
Chicken Peckers x 10 IC

Wall Sit (1 count per pax)
Donkey Kicks x 10
Wall Sit (1 count per pax)
Australian Mountain Climbers x 10 IC
The muggy morning just got muggier with a strong effort from the PAX on a tough pre-thang.
We did a mozy to the big grass circle for
The Thang: A Cascade of Coupons!
The Q explained that Station #1 would require coupons and that all other exercise were coupon
optional. We circled up and counted off by 4s. Then started making our way through the
following stations:
Murder Bunnies (just in time for Iron PAX season)
25 meters down and back (tip of the cap to APEX)

Big Boy Sit Ups x 10
Frozen Freddies x 15 IC
LBCs x 20 IC
Groiners x 10
Johnny Dramas x 15
(with rifle carry)
Air Squats x 20
Derkins x 10
(or werkins)
Dips x 15
Merkins x 20

Each group made it through two rounds of murder bunnies before Omaha was called. Then we
circled up for
The Q listened carefully for mumblechatter, but even Mufasa was silent. The PAX worked super
hard today – well done, gentlemen, well done, indeed.
Gator Spears x 10 IC (right arm)
Gator Spears x 10 IC (left arm)
Gator Tails x 10 IC (right leg out)
Gator Tails x 10 IC (left leg out)
We finished and did
Count Off and Name-A-Rama
The light from the phone was a required tool in the gloom today for sure. The Q couldn’t see
where our FNG was, but he was second to go and totally nailed the NOR. Welcome FNG Spinal
Announcements and Prayers
Sign up for Iron PAX
Donate Blood for freed to bleed
Prayers for our brother Mulch
The Q asked a Trivia Question:
What natural disaster occurred on this day, August 24 th in the year 79 A.D.?
This crew was ready as a chorus of PAX said the correct answer:
The eruption of Mount Vesuvius at Pompeii
Apparently, there were tremors and minor earthquakes leading up this infamous eruption. But no
one thought anything of it because it was normal to have that kind of seismic activity. Then one
of the most devasting volcanic eruptions occurred over two days.
I’ve heard some COTs lately about anger. And the eruption of Vesuvius caught my attention
because of the warnings that were ignored because they had become normal.
I will often tell myself it’s okay to be angry based on the circumstances of a particular situation.
When we give ourselves permission to get angry, even if it’s not a huge eruption, it becomes

normal to us. But when it gets to be the case that we don’t even notice how angry we are, we are
setting ourselves up for an eruption.
There is no value to taking actions based on anger. Even when we think we need to get angry
because we are fighting with someone and we think getting mad helps us – it doesn’t. The ancient
Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said: “The best fighter is never angry.” True, true, Lao Tzu.
Escobar took us out in prayer – many thanks for your words.
It is a privilege to lead such an excellent group of men! Even if it’s so dark that I can’t see them
at times… Aye!
– Gator –

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