Site: Danger Zone

Weather – Cool 62 Degrees

Pre Run – Tribute to the 13 fallen service members in Afganistan:

1 mile mosey,

13 flights of Stairs

1 mile mosey

Fun Dip VQ

PAX: Swiper, Borat, High Life, buckets, Tony The Tiger, Girl Dad, Maaco, Mulch, Baby Shark, Michelin, Double Dip, Half Court, Ferdinand, Zorro, Chernobyl, Tight Lines, Soda Pop, Gobbler, HuHot, Squeaky Clean, Feeney, Levy, Sweet Roll, Rooney, Arch, Boiling Point, Schrute, Animal House, KOA, Echo, Haggis, Ear tag, Skidz, QIC Fun Dip

Warm a Rama

-20 side straddle hops

-20 tally taps

Hill relay 4 man relay

1 PAC goes down the hill bear crawling on the up they are Back peddling, then jog back down.  Then sprint up to the top and switch

While the others are doing (Flutter kicking)

1 round

“100 yards to Graceland” (competition style)

  • groups of 4
  • plank bear movement 100 yards 
  • Each person will go to the next 5 yards
  • When you get to your marker you complete 10 push ups
  • Each team has to have a name they shout to tell the next person to go
  • Only finished when last member crosses the line

Air squat until the six

First team to finish has 2 burpee‘s

Second team has 5 burpee‘s

3rd 8.  4th. 11  5th. 14

Rest of time until Omaha:

Ultimate football

Number off every 4

COT:  Work 40% rule. 

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The Danger Zone

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