8/31/2021: Wet, loud and bright with the lightning.


Pax 16

This Q started out last week with our man Swiper out of sarpy doing a video Pre Blast from the trident where innocently enough stated that the trident is the fastest growing Tuesday AO. I do believe that the Site Q of the Helix Pantyhose took some shade from this. So through the power of twitter Swiper and I put together a little bet. $50 donation to the foundation and 10 burpees per pax more for the most PAX at the site. So the fun began. I will say that Swiper is a great Q and an amazing leader and I was grateful to have some fun with him during the bet.


Alarm goes off at 4:15 with the plan of joining the pre run. I am not a huge fan of being out in the lightning so snooze is pushed and out of bed at 4:30. Upon arrival i realize that the Helix holds water very well. As I check out the space and set up my Thang my feet are soaked. But the show must go on.


The runners are back and the PAX are assembled. 16 men show up in these terrible conditions but the rain seems to be slowing and the opening is given.

3 F’s




Mission Statement

To plant grow and Serve small workout groups for the invigoration of Male community leadership.

5 core principles


Open to all men

Always held outdoors

Lead in a rotating fashion

And will end in a circle of trust.

Disclaimer of not a professional is given and also tell anyone who wants to tap out with the the weather that I understand. Also let Pantyhose know that the site Q can call Omaha if he feels its dangerous at any time.


Mosey to the baseball fields through the spongy ground


Tappy Taps 10 IC

Cherry Pickers 10 IC

Sun Gods 10 IC

Chinooks 10 IC

Big Ones Slow cadence 10 IC

Pre Thang: Foul Poles

Baseball players know that at the end of most games they have to run foul pole to foul pole many times. I know that nuggent had some memories of this from his many years in catchers gear. At each pole we did a pain station

Run-Merkins 10

Run-Squats 10

Run-Plan was for balls to the wall but my man frosty reminded me that the fence was made of metal and touching it in lightning might not be the best choice. So we did Carolina Dry docks 10

Run-Calf raise squats 10

Run-Hand Release Merkins 10

Run-Lunges 10

The thang:Family Circus 3 man grinder

Rain has really picked up at this point and the lightning is still so present

Break into groups of 3. 1 man at the bottom of the hill amrap at station 1. 1 man running any pathway they want to to top of the hill zig zagging through the trees. 5 burpees at the top then zig zag to the other man at station 2.

Station 1: Bounce


Bonnie Blairs

Jump Tucks

Station 2: Arms


Mountain Climbers

Pickle pounders

5 minutes into the Thang Pantyhose calls Omaha. Our man Doppler who knows a thing or 2 about weather says we need to get away from trees and out from an open field. Something about amount of strike. Doesn’t matter we trust his word and head back to the flags. He does give me the ok to do Mary.


We sit down and immediately a strike hits close and the thunder is immediate. I call omaha and the rain is now crushing us. We do a quick name o Rama and scramble to the cars.


I say quickly that we all take different pathway but are trying to get to the goal.

Had I had time to speak I would have pointed out that how we get there is always different. The old Sunday cartoon the family circus always stuck out to me when the little boy was asked to do a simple task and it would show him going all over the place just to get across the room. He got to the goal but his pathway was up and down and back and forth. Our lives are more like this. We go forward and back, up and down but ultimately are always working towards our goal, and by posting today you are all on that right pathway. even though it looks different for everyone.


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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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