Backblast: Paradise Island 9/1/21– Shovel Flag pass to Icy Hot from Slow Pitch

Q-Icy Hot and Slow Pitch

41 Pax: Dirty Bird, Blackjack, Swinger, Firewalker, Ice T, Gator, Convoy, FDIC, Gunner, Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifffff, Tin Cup, Jean Claude, Safe Ride, Lucky Charms, Saul, Khakis (Respect) Vanilla Ice, 2-Step, Flanders, Buns of Steel, Skipper, Curse, Second Chance, Roadhouse, Nodoze, Big One, Frosty, Vandelay, JR (down range from Greensboro), Plague, Wait Time (Respect), Smashmouth, Retweet, Arm Bruh, Tater Tot, Bubbles, Sparty, Grease Fire, Blue Chip, Icy Hot (New Site Q!), Slow Pitch

The morning started off with Slow Pitch getting out of his car, throwing his gum wrapper away in the trashcan near the Regency Mall doors, like he has 50 times before. Fun Fact: Slow Pitch hates gum wrappers in his car and will go to great lengths to find a trashcan in the mornings. He chews one piece during a pre run, then reloads a new piece for the workout. Anyway, there was 10+ guys coming in from the pre run and another 30 chatting in the lot right before 5:15. Frosty showed up right at 5:16 and Slow Pitch let the Pax know that Frosty was the official CPR/Mouth to Mouth guy if anyone went down. This is where SP and Icy Hot split the responsibilities of the mission statement, not a professional and principles. Icy then announced we were going on a mosey. 

Mosey to Regency Club House: It is so cool to run down Regency Parkway with 40 dudes, all chatting, just enjoying the morning.

Warmarama: Icy Hot at Regency Club house, circle around fountain

​Icy led and there were some exercises, like SSH, maybe mountain climbers or plank jacks? There was maybe an imperial walker set in there. Here’s the truth, Slow Pitch was carrying a conversation with Roadhouse and it was some kind of inappropriate discussion. It was a perfect warm up though. 

Mosey up the Rose: Khakis started off at the 12 O’clock position, which is the exact opposite side of the clock face, than where he normally is. Slow Pitch made it a point to run up and catch him, as Khakis has run next to him countless times up that hill, but typically at the 6 position. Totally different view from up there. Eventually, SP slid closer to his normal position and ran next to Big One. In case you don’t already know this, Big One is one of the sneakiest, positive forces in the galaxy. He radiates this positive energy, and it helps push you along through an uncomfortable run. He got Slow Pitch to the top, while he was speaking praise about the new site Q, Icy Hot.

Icy Hot exercises at top of Rose. Here Icy led ATM’s: Alternating Shoulder Taps, Tempo Merkins and Merkins, one time, then two times. After completion SP gave instruction for the next part of the beatdown, had the Pax count off into 1’s and 2’s, then mosey to the park. Slow Pitch ran up front with Flanders and 2-Step, both of which run effortlessly, while the Q felt he was sprinting. Things were going to turn out dark and starry if we didn’t come to an abrupt start soon!

Mosey to Park: Group one on the hills group 2, on the planter.

The Thang: Get a partner
Group One:

Bernie Sanders (Back Peddle up hill) with partner, 6 Burpees with partner, run back down to bottom of hill. Repeat 5 more times, reducing the burpees by 1 each time (so 5,4,3,2,1). 

Once six is done, switch with group two.

Thank you, Biff, Icy, Dirty Bird and the rest of you on that hill, helping us get through the burpees!

Group two gathered around planter.
20 Dips 
20 Derkins 
20 Box Jumps

20 Step Ups IC

Repeat while waiting for Bernie Group and switch after the six is done.

Mosey back to Flags at 5:40. Slow Pitch was able to mosey back to the flags with Wait Time and express his appreciation for his days carrying the flag for the men of Paradise Island and what Q Source has done for him. 

Mary: Icy Hot: LBC’s and Rancid American Hammers

Announcements: Battlefield Shovel Pass, Vala’sIron Pax Challenge and prayers for Crab Cake’s family, Sparty’s mom and some that were possibly missed.

Slow Pitch then delivered his COT: 

On November 27, 2018, the Plague’s dream of an all running site became a reality. As legend has it, sometime later, a Pax member insulted Plague suggesting that it was a weak site because it was only running. This angered the Plague and he then made it his agenda to no longer have it a place where men came for a light jog. The Plague made it a point to add painstations, with the hopes that men would not be able to finish a workout here without God’s mercy. After 6 long months of crushing the muscles of men and countless burpee islands beatdowns, he decided to deliver the Pit to Sarpy county and thus, sought out a suitable replacement. I stepped forward and asked if I could be of service. Plague said, “No. You are not ready for such a task” and then appointed a man from Memphis, a preacher named Blue Suede. Plague was right, I was not ready to be a Site Q of this vast site, combined with a Q Source discussion on leadership and becoming a better man. After some time, Blue Suede asked me if I’d be willing to be the Site Q and I agreed. This is a huge responsibility, and, in my mind, there is no greater honor to be the Site Q of Paradise Island. This is a place where you can run 3 miles, do 120 burpees, then follow it up with a Q Source discussion. I’ve posted over 100 times here, built so many loving relationships with men at this site. When we were closed during the pandemic, I came here every week because it was a cornerstone to my sanity and connection to God. This place is extremely special to me and that is one of the reasons, I felt the next Site Q of Paradise had uphold the standard of what Plague and Blue Suede built and what I didn’t drive too far into the ditch. This man is Icy Hot. I met Icy at his first post, when I was Q’ing at the Pit, then two days later, he was my partner at the Cornhusker, then I saw him here at Paradise, then almost everyday of the week after that. He jumped into the Iron Pax, he would text me and ask where I am going, then meet for pre runs. This man would carry me up the Rose, here at Paradise, he would meet me at Shirley with Lucky. He was there at every winter workout, summer workout, raining, snowing, 100 degrees or -25. He would ask questions, tell a little about himself, but mostly would be always looking out for the guy he could help. He would be next to the new guy, help another finish their reps or run silently next to them. He embodies what it is like to be a High Impact Man and I am so happy to hand the shovel flag to him. I know that Icy understands, every time I put the shovel flag into the ground, I think about what it represents and so does he: To Plant Grow and Serve Small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. 

Congratulation Icy Hot!

Prayer: Plague

Thank you for letting me be of service! – Slow Pitch

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