Tuesday, Aug. 31 – Burke High School – IronPAX – 66 degrees with lots of rain

PAX (7): Spacebar, Skittles, High Life, Bubbles, Wentworth, Biff, Khakis (Respect)

QIC (Proctor): Sparty

YHC was excited to be helping coordinate and manage the IronPAX Challenge 2021. I was faced with a big decision as I went to bed last night, do I try and get to Burke by 4:30am to get a run in or not. As my child woke me up shortly before my alarm was set to go off at 3:30am due to the loudness of the storm, I made a quick decision that maybe running later would be the best choice. As I had everything in my garage prepared to load up, I audibled to not take anything for set up because of the massive amount of rain that ensued. As I pulled up shortly after 5am, I was delighted to see a couple cars parked and ready to go. I went in to assess the amount of water we would be dealing with to determine the best location for our beatdown. I made another audible as the turf appeared to be completely saturated and I thought the PAX might enjoy doing their merkins between the endzone and the track instead.

The PAX started to assemble at the shovel flag, as usual, so I called them into the stadium so we could meet and get ready on the track. A quick suggestion was given to have the men start stretching on their own so we could start as closely as possible to 5:15am in an attempt to miss the next wave of pouring rain. Spacebar walked in at 5:14am and commented that “this was a last second decision!” Haha, glad you made it. As the men continued to get their bodies ready for the grueling beatdown that awaited them, YHC took them through how this would play out. I explained the specifics of the workout as so:


  • 100 Merkins
  • 800M Run
  • 75 Merkins
  • 1200M Run
  • 50 Merkins
  • 1600M Run
  • 25 Merkins
  • 2000M Run

The men all seemed eager to get started and we didn’t know how much time we would have until the rain came back, and so we got started right at 5:16am. If you do the math, Spacebar pretty much rolled out of his car and showed up to dominate, and he did! #SarpySwag also showed up to “Show Out” as High Life and Skittles got out to a hot start with dominating their first set of Merkins. High Life led from the front the whole time as he crushed his merkins and kept a solid and steady pace on the run. While Bubbles expressed his disappointment in his merkin performance, he made up for it with a strong pace on his runs. It was awesome to see Wentworth and Biff eventually partner up on their runs as they helped each other push through it. Khakis gave it a great effort and just missed his goal of sub 40 minutes (Respect). As Skittle wrapped up his final lap, it was glorious to see the PAX pick him up through the finish line. Shout out to all of these men as they had great attitudes and gave it a tremendous effort today.

As we started in on the workout, there was a slight breeze from the south with very little rain. We were joined on the track by a local legend who walks there every morning. It was awesome as he showed up and asked, “Are you guys F3? I thought you were here on Fridays.” That shows your consistency and awareness my good man, thank you for the recognition. YHC kept the speaker at home but once he realized the rain might stay away, some rock’n roll was played from the phone to help break up the heavy breathing and panting. As the men approached the end of the beatdown, big ‘ol fat rain started and eventually the heavy stuff arrived. These 7 men will never forget the experience they had this morning running around that track in pouring rain. They all finished well and supported each other. As Skittles finished out, I think some of the men thought it would be good to get out of there, but I brought them back for Name-o-rama.

Announcements/Prayers: Drive safely

COT: Great job today! Get outta here.



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