Walk the Line / August 30th 2021 / Westside Career Campus

AO: The Octagon

Q: Golden Pike

PAX: Romeo, Smashmouth, Z-bo, Ice-T, Edison, Bloodshot, Huscow, Wide Right, Spacebar, Black Flag, Wentworth, Rollbar, Freetime (FNG)

Announced: The Mission Statement, Disclaimer, and Five Core Principles.


10x Sun Gods

10x Reverse Sun Gods

20x Tappy Taps

20x Big Ones

The Thang

Divided into 3 groups

Station #1 – Back parking lot

Station #2 – Front south parking lot

Station #3 – North east side of parking lot

Fibonnaci Ladder – 

  • Did exercise on list 
  • Moseyed to next station 
  • Did previous exercises + next exercise on the list
  • All exercises done in cadence. Modified as needed.


3 Burpees

5 Bonnie Blairs (Jumping lunges)

8 WW1 Situps

13 Side straddle hops

21 Apollo Onos (Side to side lunges)

34 Merkins

55 LBCs

89 Cherry pickers

144 Monkey humpers

Rinse & Repeat


“Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other.” – Walter Elliott

Some men come into F3 already pretty physically fit. Some of us come in looking to get fit. Some people already know how to discipline themselves and they come in already in shape, but maybe they’re dealing with a lot of psychological turmoil. Some of us have to learn discipline and be shaped by others here. Some of us come in very internally motivated to get up and workout – meaning, there’s very little need for someone to coax you into getting up at 5:00 AM to go pre-run and then beatdown. Some of us have to be constantly coaxed and we’re externally motivated by the encouragement, the comraderie of F3.

I imagine we’re all walking individual lines. We’re all at different places on our lines for our physical, mental and spiritual health. And there will be (and are) times where we fall off that line. We then feel like we have failed ourselves and the community. I’m here today to tell you that you have not failed us. And we are here to help pick you back up, get you back on that line and get back into the race so you don’t fail yourself. Because it’s just you versus you. Your old self versus your new self. We are with you, not against you. And if you can keep going forward (keep accelerating) on that line – you are beating your old self. You will have times where you fall off the line again. Dust yourself off and saddle back up. 

We ride at dawn. 

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