08/23/21: Ironwood 

Q – School: Embrace Being a Lifelong Learner  

“Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.” – Unknown

Temp:  77 degrees

PAX:(15), Hoser, KC, Bovine, Black Jack, Two-Step, Z-Bo, Hard Hat, U-Haul, Polaroid, Jack-Rabbit, Dollface, Rooster, Side Dish, FNG – Veggie Tales, Othello.

QIC: Othello

The Opener –  Othello presented the 3 F’s, the mission statement, the five core principles, and the disclaimer. 

1 FNG today – Veggie Tales 

When the Q yells “Q-School,”  the PAX will do 3 Burpees and Al – Gore while Q is explaining Q-School Sessions. 

Q-School Session:

  • Explain the required text – Mission Statement, Five Core Principles, and Disclaimer
  • Explain welcoming the FNG
  • Explain counting off and picking up the six
  • Explain making it personal, have a connection with the PAX. 

Mosey – The PAX moseyed SOUTH on Ironwood trail towards an open pasture for WaR 

Q-School Session:

  • Explain the basic structure: Warm-A-Rama, Thang, 6MOM
  • Explain calling and leading the exercise:
    • The next exercise is…
    • Starting position… MOVE
    • In cadence, on my down, on my up, on my in, on my out, on my count, on my open, on your own, etc…
    • Exercise! – extremely important… This is literally your “Cue” for the PAX to begin… We’re in this together.
  • Explain the different styles of Cadence (regular, slower, red bull) 
  • Explain Warm A Rama structure:
    • Varied warm-ups, think of different parts of the body to warm up… Stretching and dynamic exercises are great to include.
    • Start with SSH, but you don’t have to.

Warm – A – Rama:

15 (IC) SSH – Regular Cadence 

5  (SIC) Windmills – Slower Cadence 

10 (O) Seal Claps 

15 (D) Squat Jumps

5 (OYO) Burpees

5 (U) Groiners

15 (RBC) Smurf Jacks – Red Bull Cadence

Q-School Session:

  • Explain how to end an exercise (inflection of the voice)
  • Explain how to say HALT for the last count
  • Explain how to wait for the whole PAX to finish before moving onward

Mosey –  The PAX moseyed to Dodge St. 

Q-School Session:

  • Explain about Pre and Post Thang – Optional
  • If desired, usually a packaged workout – ATM / BMW / Crowd Pleaser / Steinal / Typically Rinse and repeat 2 or 3 times.



15 (IC) Monkey Humpers

15 (IC) Pickle Pushers

15 (IC) Crab Humpers 

Mosey –  The PAX moseyed towards the MSM school, doing a string of pearls along the way. 

A String of Pearls:

15 (D) Merkins

15 (U) Big Boys

15 (D) Air Squats

Q-School Session:

  • Explain The Thang
    • It’s the meat and potatoes of the workout.
    • Different ways to construct the Thang, this is where you could really insert your personality. Think of the PAX and what they will gain. 
    • You could tie this into the overall theme of your workout/CoT
    • Grinders, Ladders, Stations, String of Pearls, loads of options!   

The Thang:

The PAX stood in a circle and one by one each HIM came to the center of the circle to pull an exercise from the F3 deck of cards and lead that exercise to the PAX. 

10 (D) Carolina Dry Docks

10 (D) Merkin

10 (IC) LBC’s

10 (OYO) Burpee

10 (IC) Plank Jacks

10 (D) Squats

10 (D) Diamond Merkins

10 (IC) American Hammers

10 (D) Werkins

10 (IC) Freddie Mercury’s 

10 (IC) Monkey Humpers

10 (IC) High Knees

10 (IC) Mountain Climbers

10 (IC) Flutter Kicks

10 (8-Count) Absoultionist (Irish Two-Step), thanks Two-Step for volunteering… extra credit :D.


Ran up Chicago Hill

15 (IC) Cherry Pickers

Ran down Chicago Hill

15 (U) Calf Raises 

Q-School Session:

  • Explain calling OMAHA
  • Explain the importance of wearing a WATCH when Q’ing… Keep track of time. 

Mosey –  The PAX moseyed back to the flags

Q-School Session:

  • Explain 6MOM
    • Optional
    • You don’t have to do the whole 6 minutes but some kind of core would be nice.
    • If you are heavy in your core during the workout, you could technically skip this or make it very light. 


2 (IC) American Hammers

Q-School Session:

  • Explain COT
  • Count off
  • FNG call out
  • Name A Rama
  • Name the FNG
  • Announcements
  • Prayer
  • Message from the Q
  • Closing Prayer



  • Come out for some second F this afternoon at Rathskeller to celebrate Polaroid’s upcoming marriage! 


  • The Boyle’s Family

Message from the Q:

“Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.” – Unknown

When I asked U-Haul if he had anything for me to include in the CoT for Q-School, he said to mention the idea of “Embracing F3” and I concur. 

To Q a workout, you should embrace the opportunity to learn about your fellow PAX and to learn about yourself. Q’ing a workout is a phenomenal opportunity to serve your fellow PAX and understand what they might need. In addition, Q’ing a workout is an opportunity for you to be reflective as a leader and who you are as an individual. Are you a person who identifies as a runner? Great, include running into your workout. Are you a person who identifies as a strength builder? Awesome, tell the PAX to bring coupons (communicate effectively and bring extra coupons just in case :D). Are you a person who identifies themselves as game-oriented? Cool, include games into your workout… We see you Ponzi :D.

The idea is to embrace the opportunity to lead because as F3 men, we embrace the gloom. We embrace connecting together at 5 am. We embrace the opportunity to crush 3 burpees at random times. We embrace running up and down steep hills such as Chicago St, Shirley St, and pretty much ALL of the District Murph… Hell, we embrace doing Monkey Humpers and Pickle Pusher in high traffic areas… its FUN! 

When it comes down to it, you can be creative as you want when designing a workout. In fact, this will help you Q more effectively because you already feel confident in leading the exercises you enjoy and know… so include those exercises so you could focus on leading.

That is what is so cool about F3, its peer-led which means we all have an opportunity to lead and why not lead a workout from your own perspective!

However, it is important to know the “basics” in Q’ing because ultimately this is what binds the PAX together. This is why we have a structure in our beatdowns, when we call cadence, and when we open and close our beatdowns… In addition, this helps the PAX to work as one cohesive unit… Leave no man behind. 

Thank you gents for coming out this morning and for leaning in to lead an exercise. 



U-Haul led us in a closing prayer… thank you, brother! 

The PAX completed 36 Burpees during the Q-School sessions. 

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