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PAX: Bovine, Buns of Steel, Othello, Mac-N-Cheese, Ruxpin, Tron, Rooster, Doll Face, Space Bar, Door Dash, Da Vinci, Side Dish, Scoober, Demogorgon, Cyclone,

Q: Gunner

Welcomed all Pax at 5:30 am. Stated the F3 Mission Statement and 5 Core Principles. There were no FNGs so we simply strolled from the shovel flags to the Memorial Park Sledding hill

Warm-O-Rama – At the famous Sledding Hill side.  Pax started near the bottom of the Hill and lined up at the first cone.  The Warmarama was an Alarm Clock/Bernie Sanders course with 3 cone stops up the hill.  At the first cone, Pax did 5 Alarm Clocks and Bernie Sanders to the next cone. 5 more alarm clocks and more Bernie Sanders.

We did 3 sets of this and did sets of 5 alarm clocks, then 8 alarm clocks and 10 alarm clocks.

The Thang

Set up a Station Circuit Course with nothing but leg exercises around the upper loop of Memorial Park. 

Station 1- 80 One leg squats – (4) sets of 20 and switch legs after each 20 reps

Station 2- 40 IC Imperial Walkers

Station 3- Three laps up and down West stairs

Station 4- 40 IC SSH

Station 5- 20 IC Mountain Man Poopers

Station 6- 20 IC high knees

                    20 IC Butt Kickers

    20 IC high knees

                    20 IC Butt Kickers

Station 7 – 30 IC Step Ups

Station 8 – 20 Box Jumps

Station 9 – Hop up steps

Station 10 – Johnny Dramas – 25 parallel – 25 Toes Out – 25 Toes In

Mary –

We did not perform traditional Core Exercises since that is not performed at Futurama.  INSTEAD we did more legs.

Standing on one leg (and near a handrail for as needed balance) we

  1. 20 Knee toe taps (start with knee parallel to ground and touch toe to ground)
  2. 10-count hold knee up
  3. 20 knee Pulse ups
  4. 10-count hold knee up
  5. 20 kicks

10 count rest – then rinse and repeat on other leg

Failure to Launch Birthday Edition – Pax held low squat position. Pax members with the 3 closest birthdays counted to their day and group launched. Othello, Side Dish and Tron were our 3 closest birthdays.


Saturday Boy Town Beat Down

COT- Tune into the people that are in your proximity to hear and listen to the issues that are causing stress and anxiety in their lives.  We don’t walk in other people’s shoes, but it is considerate to let them know you are willing to walk along side if they need it.

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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