Back Blast:
AO: The Berm
Temp 41 & Starsy
Q: TubeSocks

PAX: Armadilla, Paxton, Saul, Short Sale, Thor, Doppler, Bam Bam (FNG), Slapshot, Pantyhose, Slow Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitchaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Toto, LPC, Truly, Khakis, Birdman, Big One, Arm Bar, Tater Tot, Tube Socks

PAX met at shovel flags. 5 Core Principles, Mission Statement, and disclaimer, Welcomes FNG. Pax moseyed to blacktop for Warm-a-rama:
Side straddle hop, Tappy Taps, Big One’s, Tater Taps

Pre-thang-Mosey to Can You Feel It.

  1. Thang: 5:45-6:05 4-Cones (Cone 1 always pushes) Jog to each cone
    -Count off 1-4 (Stay with your group)
  2. High knees (IC) with Up downs (10), Bear walk up hill (Push Group)
  3. W agility with 5 merkins at each point
  4. 3 pt. Stance with 5 walking squats
  5. Ladders
    Pre Thang/Core (Carys (Mary’s with Cardio)):
    Core with cardio 100 yd with Box Cutters, heel touches, Flutter Kicks , planks-Wanks

    12 in 21 Half Marathon Series this Sunday at Riverfront, The 1st Ever Shovel Flag Planting was actually at Midtown Crossing (until it was taken down), The Oracle returns to Boy’s Town this Saturday 6-8am beatdown.
    What are your kid’s goals this year? How are your kids doing?
    Be kind to others. Give every last ounce of effort within you towards achieving whatever task you face. Project undeniable positive energy. You cannot lose- Marty Smith
    -Aye, TubeSocks
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