Tuesday, August 24, 2021
Sterling Ridge, Omaha, NE
74° humid
(18) – Big One, Dr Thunder, Pain Killer, Rainman, Slick, Roadhouse, Doppler, Big House, Skipper, Draino, Griswold, Sparty, Lite Brite, Armbar, Chicklets, Room Service, Static, Convoy
QIC: Convoy
Convoy gave the F3 mission statement, 5 core principles, and disclaimer.  No FNGs.
The PAX moseyed to the southeast roundabout for Warm-a-Rama.
Side Straddle Hops (x20 I/C)
Diamond Merkins (x15)
Jump Squats (x15)
Plank Jack Groiners (x5 I/C)
Pre-Thang #1:
Groups of 4.  Burpee Indian Run (caboose does 3 burpees, then sprints to front of group’s jog line).
Run from roundabout, around Renaissance Financial parking lot, back to same roundabout.
Pre-Thang #2:
Prime Time Merkin Wheel.  All PAX lay down in a merkin starting position, circular pattern, evenly spaced apart.
At “go”, first PAX jumps up and leaps over each fellow PAX member doing AMRAP Prime Time Merkins.
2nd PAX jumps up when 1st PAX has executed first leap and follows suit.
Exercise is complete when all PAX have made it once around the wheel.
Pre-Thang #3:
Guantanamo Bay.  PAX flip to their sixes with feet together raised about a foot off the ground.
At “go”, first PAX jumps up, runs in circle pushing fellow PAX members’ feet towards the ground.
2nd PAX jumps up when 1st PAX has progressed through two pushdowns.
Exercise is complete when all PAX have made it once around the wheel.
Mosey to Renaissance Financial parking lot for The Thang.
The Thang:
Same groups of 4.  More stations than groups, so start at one of your choosing.
3 exercises at each station.  Cumulative team reps, must do all on list, split anyway you want.
When complete first list, team bear crawls to a different station and executes exercises in same fashion.
Station #1 – Carolina Dry Docks x200 | Bonnie Blairs x200 | LBCs x200
Station #2 – Chuck Norris Merkins x200 | Hillbilly Squats x200 | Sweat Angels x200
Station #3 – Punch-up Merkins x200 | Monkey Humpers x200 | Gas Pumpers x200
Station #4 – Alt. Shoulder Taps x200 | Bobby Hurleys x200 | Starfish Crunches x200
Station #5 – Werkins x200 | Groiners x200 | Rosalitas x200
Station #6 – Ranger Merkins x200 | Mountain Climbers x200 | Freddie Mercurys x200
Station #7 – Merkins x200 | Air Squats x200 | Flutter Kicks x200
“Omaha” called at 5:57a.  Mosey to shovel flags for 6MOM.
Gas Pumpers (x15 I/C)
American Hammers – “Rancid style” (one rep by each PAX I/C, in succession, end with QIC)
1/2 marathon this Sunday (8th of 12).
Oracle back at Boystown starting this weekend.
Lots of prayers for family, friends, and co-workers from the PAX this morning.
Convoy talked about being vulnerable.  Exposing yourself to possible physical/emotional pain seems very “un-male”, but it’s what strengthens relationships.
May not go the way you want it to when you take a risk and put yourself out there, but you become a stronger person for it.  And it helps connect people with the true you!
Convoy encouraged the group to be vulnerable with someone this week, then closed with a prayer.
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