PAX: Frosty, Stitches, Lansbury, Grease Fire, Dome, Bovine, Demogorgon, Two Step, Poloroid, Huffy, Cosmo, Blue Chip, Buns of Steel, Gunner, and…

Q: Toadstool

Toadstool welcomed PAX to Cornhusker Handicap. Gave the mission statement, 5 core principles, disclaimer, and the Credo.


PAX moseyed over to the parking garage and proceeded to circle up and do one exercise for warmarama on each level as we moseyed our way to the top. There may or may not have been a barrier that we jumped over to get to the top but who can say one way or the other. These warmarama exercises included…

SSH (level 1)

Imperial Walkers (level 2)

Goofballs (level 3)

Smuph Jacks (red bull style) (level 4)

Pre-Thang: M&Ms

At the top of the stairs of the parking garage, we did modified 11s – 7 merkins at the top, run down the stairs, and then 3 monkey humpers at the bottom, run back up, 6 merkins at the top, 4 merkins at the bottom, etc.. It was steamy in the stairwell…


PAX moseyed back to the center of Stinson Park and broke up into 5 groups of 3. Each group proceeded to one of four stations and performed the exercises while the fifth running push group moved everyone along onto the next station in a counter clockwise fashion. The stations were…

Station 1 – Bonnie Blairs (20 IC), Bobby Hurleys (20), Groiners (20), Copperhead Squats (20 IC)

Station 2 – Bear Crawl up hill, Air Squats (20), Crawl Bear down hill

Station 3 (wall) – Australian Mountain Climbers (20 IC), Wall Sit to 30, Balls to the Wall to 30, Chicken Peckers (20 IC)

Station 4 – pull ups (10), burpees (10), merkins (20), tempo merkins (20 IC)

Kept going at this nonsense rotation until our heart rates were 345 or so, and then I called Omaha…


LBCs – 25 IC

Flutter Kicks – 25 IC

Plank Jacks – 25 IC

Big Boys – 25

ETK – 10 each leg

Hammers – Rancid


  • COT: Today is National Waffle Day.  By sheer coincidence, there was also an article in the weekend paper about one the Omaha F3 OGs, Waffle House (aka Doug White), and his recovery from paralysis two years ago to get busy living and go on a Niobrara river canoe trip with his wife, family, and friends. If anything you can take from the article is the strength of human resilience, and of our capability for reinvention and optimism in the face of a tragedy. Every little stress and moment of anxiety I generally have on a daily basis means nothing compared to Doug White’s determination and positivity. So Happy National Waffle Day.  Make it a great one. Aye!
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