The Maize

August 19th 2021

Copperfields 204th and F

70 degress and humid

PAX: Escobar, Yogi, Chip and Dale, Gator, Griswold, Barn Door, Pothole, Crabcakes, Unicycle, Fence Line, Moon Man, Pain Killer, Light Bright, Mr. Miagi, Blades of Glory, T Ball, Fine Print, Cheap Seats

QIC — Cheap Seats

Cheap Seats welcomed 17 PAX to the Oracle.  Gave the mission statement, disclaimer and Credo.

The PAX moseyed over to the basketball courts for warm-o-rama.


20 Side Straddle Hops (10 together and 10 silent) – we weren’t able to end at the same time so we did 5 burpees.

Big Ones — 12 IC

Sun Gods forward — 10 IC

Sun Gods backwards — 10 IC

12 Tappy Taps IC

12 Tator Taps IC

Pre-Thang:  The PAX then chose a partner on the basketball court.  First exercise was to wheel barrow one partner to half court, then switch and wheel barrow the second partner the rest of the way.  Once you reached the end of the basketball court you performed the wheelbarrow again to the other end switching at half court.

Second exercise consisted of everyone bear crawling to half court than crawl bearing the rest of the way.  You then did the same thing on the way back to the start.

Third exercise consisted of everyone doing a crab walk to half court and then a reverse crab walk the rest of the way.  Then the group sprinted back to the beginning.

Thang: The PAX then moseyed to the front entrance of Copperfields by the Fire station.  There is a grassy area that circles around and accounts for .3 miles of running.  The PAX split into 2 groups.  There were 3 pain stations around the full circle loop.  One PAX started moseying the the left and one starting moseying to the right.  Once you where done with one pain station you moseyed to the next and then did the same thing until you completed the loop.

First Pain station was merkin filled

20 Hand release merkins

17 ranger merkins

15 werkins

10 diamond merkins

5 clap merkins

Pain Station 2

20 Bonnie Blairs IC

17 Jonny Dramas

15 Air Squats

10 Jump Tucks

5 lunges each leg

Pain Station 3

10 Burpees

5 Alarm Clocks

5 Turkish Get Ups

After we all did 2 laps of these exercises we ended at the bottom of the circle/hill.  We then completed 10 side straddle hops (5 together and 5 silent) – this time we all ended at the same time.


20 LBC’s IC

15 American Hammers

20 Freddy Mercuries

20 Big Boys

18 American Hammers to end Mary


Iron PAX is starting in September.  Barn Door explained to the group what that all entailed or September

Cheap Seats mentioned the opening of Boystown for August 28th

Brush Up Project was mentioned for Saturday and to contact Thor if interested


Cheap Seats talked about silence and calm.  I encouraged the PAX to find 2, 5 or 10 min each day in silent reflection with no distractions.  I’ve struggled being angry with my kids and informed the group that when I start my day in silence and reflection it always seems to go better.  Silence is powerful.

No prayers were mention so I took them out in prayer.

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