AO: The Coop| Swanson Elementary|

81 degrees, muggy as a mofo

PAX- Edison, Cosmo, Lansbury, NoDoze, Stella, Convoy, Selleck

Q: Roadhouse

I arrived at the Coop at 5:10 AM. It was only my second time at this new site and I needed some time to look around and make sure this location could handle a Roadhouse beatdown. I walked alone in the gloom and found a wall that would work really well. Then a hill that would do just fine. This location was prime. Well done Toadstool! Well done.

I arrived back at the shovel flags and waited for the PAX to arrive. It was already muggy and I was starting to sweat. Now, in full disclosure I may have been out the night before in Benson celebrating Wait Time’s 50th birthday and as I began to sweat that morning, the aroma of IPAs filled the air. This could be rough.

The first to arrive was Cosmo. He ran to the workout. Geez, I could hardly drive to the workout… Then my man Lansbury showed up. Three pre-runners came jogging into the lot to join us, No Doze, Convoy and Stella. Finally, Edison walked up and our group was complete. Or so we thought…

I welcomed the PAX and limped through the F3 welcome. Were there 5 core principles? 3 Fs? Was it invigorate or re-invigorate male community leadership? God dammit. Once I was done, I invited the men to the basketball court for some warm-a-rama.


SSH’s SILENT  IC 10 + 8

As we were on our 5th silent SSH, Selleck came running up to the circle. I was so happy to see his gorgeous face that I lost count of my SSHs and did not end when I should have. My bad gentlemen. Five burpees for everyone.

Big Ones 10 count each

Imperial Walkers 10 IC

Sun Gods 10 each  

Goofballs 10 IC

After warm-a-rama I asked the PAX to join me at the wall of the school. It was time for some wall work.

Wall Work

10 Donkey Kicks

10 Balls to Walls

10 Chicken Peckers

10 Australian Mt Climbers

10 Donkey Kicks

10 Balls to Walls

10 Chicken Peckers

10 Australian Mt Climbers

After the wall, I was drenched in beer scented sweat. Being upside down for that long was a terrible idea. I had the PAX number off in twos which did not take long with 8 of us and I brought them over the Buddy Bench to intro them to the THANG.


We’re going to do a 2-man tag team grinder today.

One guy runs up the hill for some Merkin Mania 

10 Merkins

10 Werkins

10 Diamond Merkins

10 Tempo Merkins

10 Chuck Norris  

Other guy stays at AMRAP Station and does the following exercises:

Jump Squats

Heels to Heaven

Cherry Pickers

Copperhead Squats

Starfish Crunches

Air Presses

Bonnie Blairs

Big Boys

Carolina Dry Docks

Hydraulic Squats

Freddy Mercurys

Overhead Claps

Apparently time stood still during the Thang because it lasted for 3 ½ hours. Other than an array of kick ass high fives between me and Selleck there wasn’t much chatter. These guys were working.

Finally Omaha was called and we circled up on the court for Mary.


15 Flutter kicks

12 Box cutters

Hammers Rancid Style

After Mary, we knocked out the NOR in smooth fashion. No technical difficulties.


Two Club Conundrum coming soon


All of our silent intentions


Have you ever done some reflection on your strengths and weaknesses? Looked at where you were doing pretty good and where are your “areas of opportunity? I think we all have, right? And after we do that reflection, what is usually our action item? To work on our weaknesses, right?

Well, a few years ago, I heard a speaker who completely changed my mindset on this. His name was Marcus Buckingham and along with being extremely handsome, he made me rethink everything. For years I had focused so much time on my weaknesses, the areas of my life that I felt like I wasn’t very good. I was constantly thinking about where I needed to get better and candidly, I found myself beating myself up about how much longer my list of weaknesses was than my list of strengths.

But Buckingham turned that around. He said that yes, becoming aware of our weaknesses and working to get better in these areas is absolutely part of the journey to becoming the best version of ourselves. BUT he pointed out that when we are good at things, we should double down and lean into those even more.

Not only do we already have momentum in those areas but think about it, those are the areas of our life we like and are passionate about. Your quality of life is so much better when you spend time on your strengths, and it is just more fun! Plus, when you sharpen your saw at something that you are already good at, think about how gosh darn good you can get at it. Its scary to think about.

He gave some examples. One was our kids in school. So often their teachers will focus on the classes they are struggling in and not encourage in the classes they are excelling. He also talked about how this often happens in sports as well. He referenced Lionel Messi specifically and how when he was young his coaches telling him he must make his right foot as strong as his left foot. Finally, a coach in high school told him that if he doesn’t want to work on his right, he needs to make his left foot the greatest left foot in the history of soccer. I think you know the rest…

So, let’s make this personal for you. What are you good at? What do you like doing? What do you think you do as well as anyone else? Take some time to reflect on this and come up with a plan on how you can get even better in those areas. And become as good as anyone ever has been. Because there is not one person in the world who has what you have… you are a unicorn, and your talents are unique and amazing. So, let’s focus on those talents…

I love you guys


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