Back Blast – Crisis Mode

Date 08-17-21

AO: Wild Kingdom

PAX: TBall, Butterfly (RESPECT), Wax-On, Hog (RESPECT), Fine Print, Ruxpin, Thomas, Lincoln Logs (2X Respect), Mr. Miyagi, Paramount, Unicycle

Q: Ketchup

Today was the Q’s first day back from being out of town for two weeks for a sun filled trip to the tropics and what a better way to jump back into the fray than leading a group of HIM through the darkness of WK.  Q arrived and at round 500 to get setup for the mornings events and saw zero cars in the parking lot which meant no pre-runners but also resulted in little bit of anxiety…as he had never had to work out alone before.  Luckily by about 527 we had 11 HIM present with a late bloomer arriving about 531.  In the downtime as people arrived the mumble chatter was strong.  At 530 on the dot, Q introduced himself, asked if there were any FNG’s and then proceeded to cite the 5 core principals and the creedo of why we exist.


Following introductions, we moseyed around the circle back to where we started and went through the following exercises:

15 Tappy Taps

15 Cherry Pickers

15 Frog Squat Groin Stretchers

15 Imperial Walkers


Once Warm we moseyed over to the picnic tables near the playground and proceeded with two rounds of 25 dips, 25 box jumps, and 25 incline merkins.  In full transparency, the Q’s initial plan was to only do one round but it seems like people were not adequately winded so a game time audible was called and we went for two.  Q was impressed with his ability to count all of the reps with the exception of the second round of box jumps where wheezing had taken over and instructions were given to complete them on your own.  Following the last round of incline merkins, the group moseyed to the center soccer field.ThangPax Circled up and counted off in groups of three for a three man grinder.  1’s went to the first cone, 2’s were the runners between cones and 3’s went to the second cone.  All exercises were AMRAP until you were relieved by the runner and you ran to opposite cone.  This operation continued until Omaha was called.

Cone 1 Exercises:

Bonnie Blairs

HR Merkins

Bobby Hurleys

Chill Cutt


Cone 2 Exercises:


Plank Jacks

Hydraulic Squats


American Hammers

The TWIST – unbeknownst to the PAX the Q had a whistle in his pocket and through out the beatdown randomly blew into it resulting in a piercing shrill of a noise…this noise was following with instructions for either burpees or Turkish getups in increments of 5 or 10.  The Pax grew to hate the whistle and the Q smiled. After two rounds through the exercises the Q called Omaha and the crew began their mosey back to the shovel flags…which two whistle stops along the way.


Mary was short and sweet with a 15 box cutters and rancid style AH’s. Finally we were done and completed Namarama.


Following namarama, announcements and prayers were requested.  Comments were made about Thor needing help with painting this weekend, Iron Pax was mentioned and a blood drive was discussed.  For prayers the current events in Afghanistan and Haiti were brought up as the focus. Following announcements/prayers, Q continued with the 6th man practice and Mr. Miyagi was the lucky PAX who got up to talk to us about himself. While others may have known, we found out that Lincoln Logs is his FIL and Chiclets is his BIL. He was born in the DR and his father has an orphanage as well as several businesses on the Island. Faith is strong with his family as he told us about growing up in a life of service and helping others.

Following the 6th man the Q talked about how the true character of a man is determined during a crisis and explained the whistle was an attempt to keep people guessing and to interrupt what was thought to be a normal beatdown.  Q shared a story about a recent situation with the Q’s M where they found themselves in a remote part of the tropics with a busted up knee and about 2 hours to anything civilized.  Everything worked out fine but it is those moments were we find what we are made of as men and as leaders.  Preparation and calmness are critical as we move through life.

The Q led the group out in prayer and we closed up shop.

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Wild Kingdom

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