August 18, 2021, 70 degrees, clear skies

AO: The Main Stage

Pre-Run (5:00 a.m.): Escobar, Sister Act, Ferdinand, Tony the Tiger, Splinter, Chippendale, FDIC

Pre-Ruck (5:00 a.m.): Overtime

Beatdown (5:30 a.m.) 27 PAX: Tony the Tiger, Rowdy, Dr. Thunder, Mulch, Dirty Bird, Sweet Roll, Overtime, Speed Square, Scoober, Maaco, Cuban, Chippendale, Gator, Ketchup, Skidz, Sister Act, ACT, FDIC, Green Thumb (FNG), White Claw, Paramount, Spinter, Bear Grylls, Escobar, T-Ball, Ferdinand, Yogi

Q: Yogi (VQ!!)

26 PAX and an FNG met at the flags. Yogi introduced himself and asked for FNG’s. There was a FNG Kevin, later to be named Green Thumb. Yogi welcomed the group to F3, went through the 5 core principles and noted that he is not an expert and recommended to modify as necessary. The group then mosey’ed over to the south parking lot for warmarama.

Warmarama: The group circled up. The first exercise was 15 Tappy Taps in cadence; followed by 10 Big Ones in cadence, 10 Imperial Walkers in cadence; and finished with 15 Side Straddle Hops in cadence. The group then headed to the field for some wall work. We lined up on the west stadium wall and each PAX counted off a 4 count from the south to the north. After all 27 had gone, we did 10 donkey kicks in cadence, 10 chicken peckers in cadence, and finished with another wall sit, with the PAX 4 counting back from the north to the south. 

Thang: Yogi had the PAX count off into groups of 4. Those groups broke off into 2 pairs. Starting in the south endzone, the first pair would run 1 lap on the track and serve as a push for the other pair. While the first pair ran a lap, the second pair would perform BLIMPS, AMRAP. BLIMPS were: Burpees (5), Lunges (10), Imperial Walkers (15), Merkins (20), Plank Jacks (25) and Squats (30). When the first pair got back from their lap, they would pick up where the other pair left off. Most groups got in 4-5 rounds over the 20 minutes until OMAHA was called. 

Mary: As Yogi has Sarpy roots, the PAX performed Sarpy Slammers, Rancid style.


Naming of FNG: The FNG said he enjoys yard work and gardening, and was named Green Thumb.

Announcements: 2 Club Conundrum, Blood Drive Aug 27, house painting with Thor this Saturday

Prayers: Prayers for those affected by the current events

COT:  Yogi discussed what brought him to F3 and what keeps him coming back. Discussed poor physical condition, poor diet and fitness 2 years ago. Explained small changes over a long period turn into big changes. Lasting change requires consistency.

Overtime ended with a prayer.

Post COT: Group photo on field. Millard South alums (Escobar, Yogi, Overtime, Ferdinand, Rowdy, ACT) presented Sister Act with MS shirt.

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