Back Blast: Return to your Childhood

Date: 08.14.2021

AO: Dragons Lair

Pax: Gator, Selleck, Demogorgon, Lincoln Logs, Mufasa, Crab Cakes, Speed Square, Jumanji, Blades of Glory, Mr. Miyagi, Dr. Thunder, Chiclets, Yodel, Fenceline, Patrick D(Sharknado-FNG), Tonight Show, Excite Bike.

QIC: Excite Bike (VQ!) and Tonight Show

Conditions: 63 degrees and a rising sun on a beautiful Saturday morning in the gloom.

Today was a little different and everyone knew it.  The Q this morning was your average and he was doing a VQ.  He greeted everyone like any Q might. There was a nervous energy, like you would expect for any VQ.  As it turned 6:00am and it was time to start something different. A shorter person stepped into the circle and said those familiar words.  “It’s 6:00am and it’s time to get started.  This is F3 and my name is Excite Bike.”  YHC’s heart started to race.  The Q this morning was 7 years old and he was now talking to 30, 40, 50, and 60 year old men.  

This was my 2.0 who begged me to lead a workout since the winter.  I started by telling him it was too cold or too early but he persisted.  I finally relented and told him that if he wanted to lead it needed to be a legitimate workout.  Not the type of workouts we do on Father’s day where we use the slides and merry-go-round.  Not unless he was going to have us do 20 dips on the merry-go-round.

In other words, if my 7 year old 2.0 was going to lead a workout it needed to meet the same standard we would ask of any adult man.

Now, I will say up front, my 2.0 came up with lots of ideas that clearly needed to be refined.  Which isn’t really any different from any other person that leads a workout. He and I worked together to create his workout.  Now to be clear again, I didn’t come up with a workout that he led.  He came up with the theme and the ideas for what to do.  I helped him refine his ideas.

Then we practiced and practiced and practiced. Here is how it went down

At 6am Excited Bike stepped forward and welcomed the pax to the gloom including one FNG.  He explained what F3 is, delivered the mission statement and a disclaimer.  “This may come as a surprise but I’m not a professional so modified as needed.”  YHC laid out the 5 core principles and with that out of the way Excite Bike led us to the WaR at the baseball field.


Again, I had told Excite Bike he needed to be able to count in cadence and do it the right way.  Not flailing about while shouting 1…2…3

  • Goofballs – 10 In Cadence
  • Tappy Taps – 10 In Cadence
  • Squats – 10 on down
  • Sun Gods – 10 In Cadence forward and backwards
  • Imperial Walkers – 10 In Cadence

He had one slip up on intonation to end the exercise.  He knew it and said “my bad”.  We then moseyed over to the basketball courts for the pre-thang


One of Excite Bike’s favorite songs is Uma Thurman by Fallout boy.  We typically have him listen to the Kidz Bop version but this was a special event so I let it slide.  He came up with the idea to do a routine for this song.

Pax held a plank for the Chorus.  When the chorus led to an instrumental pax would complete Merkins until relieved by the verse at which point they stood up for SSH.  When the chorus started it was back to high plank.  Rinse and repeat.  It was solid work for a 7 year old to come up with on his own.

We then moved to the picnic tables for the main event.

The Thang:

Pax were asked to divide into groups of 2 but rather count off 1,2,1,2, they would sound off with Pikachu, Charizard, Pikachu, Charizard.  (This was great fun)

All Pikachu’s lined up to the south and the Charizards lined up to the north.  Excite Bike explained the workout which could be summarized as a card game of war.  However in this case there were cards with the names of Pokemon attacks on them…  While their team held a high, chilcutt or side plank one team member from each team would approach the table and select an attack and flip the card over.  If your attack strength was higher than the opponent your team won.  Each card had a winning and losing exercise on it which your team had to complete depending on the outcome.

After 2 rounds the pokemon evolved and 5 new attacks were introduced for each team.  Now you could choose from 7 attacks rather than the original 2.  YHC did this part but Excite Bike was particularly excited when his team evolved to Charmeleon. (I don’t actually know what any of that means) Finally, all pokemon evolved to their final stages of Raichu and Charizard.  5 more cards were added to the table for each team for a total of 12!

As the levels increased so did the punishment for losing.  (25 jump tucks or hydraulic squats for example compared to merkins for winning)

All pax completed at least 2 turns at the table for their pokemon battles.  Some individuals won, some individuals lost.  All individuals got a legitimate beatdown.  Mufasa even complained about his shoulders.  If there had been no griping from Mufasa I would have been very concerned that Excite Bike had missed the mark.


The pax moseyed back to the basketball court to complete 6MoM.  In transparency this is where things went a little off the rails.  Excite Bike was really excited about the cards and didn’t get to flip them all over so he sat down at the picnic tables to flip over cards while everyone else went off to 6MoM.  This was the only time in the whole hour YHC had to remind him he was still the leader until the very end. 

YHC led the pax in 10 Frozen Freddies (IC) and Excited Bike took it home with 20!! American Hammers In Cadence!!  Recover!!!


YHC had commissioned another HIM to make a special gift for when Excite Bike did this VQ so I ran to the car to grab it.  Meanwhile Excite Bike started the Count-a-Rama, then he ran the camera for Name-a-Rama!  Knowing the variety of camera skills among the pax (ahem Gunner) I figured this couldn’t be worse than any other guy. 🙂  When you are 7 you do have to aim the camera up a little bit.  Sort of the way I feel when I have a Name-a-Rama with Greek Freak, except it is for everyone.  It should be noted here that all HIM present got a level that was easy for Excite Bike to do the video.  He even got to name an FNG!!! How cool!

YHC also told Excite Bike that he needed to come up with a COT that someone would want to listen to and couldn’t be about Pokemon.  He was asked to tell the pax about why he enjoys F3.  His answer to that question in front of all the men there. “It’s a place where you get to meet a lot of really great guys and get big muscles”.  YHC would challenged to think if I could have done a better job. (*tear escapes down the cheek*)

YHC followed by presenting Excite Bike with the paver block created by Huffy and painted with an Excite Box logo as a reminder for him of the day he led a group of men as a 7 year old.

My intention was not to pacify my 2.0 who enjoys working out at F3.  My intention was to teach him to lead.  This meant planning and practicing, and being prepared for things to not go exactly right during the workout.  I’m so proud of him. I don’t even have words.  I helped but he did a lot of this.  The inspiration, creativity, and desire was all him. 

I was touched at the time but as I reflect back now it still almost brings me to tears.  You men of F3 Omaha!!  You made this as special as having my 2.0 lead did.  People who knew what they were getting into could have gone somewhere else knowing a 2.0 was going to be the Q.  Chiclets drove across town to be there when he saw Excite Bike on the schedule.  Selleck also ran across town after I sent a message on Friday afternoon.  Wait Time called on Thursday to wish him luck.  The Plague and Tater Tot reached out to say they were sorry they would miss it.  Khakis messaged to say he was sorry he missed it.  Afterwards, I got messages from so many people about how awesome it was to see him do this and the men present made it extra special.  Excite Bike loves F3 but I love the men in F3.  You all are what actually makes F3 so special.  Seeing how people support each other and their 2.0s is really something special to behold.  From the bottom of YHC’s heart, THANK YOU!!!!!  I have no words that actually allow me to express how I feel about all of you.

Excite Bike led us out in prayer and then took part in that most sacred of all F3 activities, Coffeteria!!!! (He had hot chocolate) 


2 club conundrum is coming quickly.  See details in slack.




Excite Bike got home and showed off his new brick to his mom and sisters.  He was so proud of that.  He could also be seen later in the weekend performing clean and squats with his new brick.  Believe when I say this is the pride and joy of things in his room right now.

Always proud to be part of this group


Tonight Show

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