AO: The Trident

DATE: 8/17/21

Weather: 74 degrees and clear

PAX (25): Rollbar, Chiclets (Respect!), Escobar, Drain-O, Speed Square, Yuengling, Lite Brite, Cyclone (Respect! X2), Matt FNG (Welcome!), Wide Right, Bubbles, The Plague, Grillz, Retweet, Spacebar, Wentworth, Barn Door, The Big One, Room Service, Griswold, Mingus (Hate!), Mother Goose, Roadhouse, Wait Time, Hard Hat

Q: Hard Hat

Welcome: The initial plan for the workout locations within the AO were assessed prior to the prerun, and changes were made, especially when the “Hard Hat Area” sign was spotted. I couldn’t resist. The site-Q couldn’t resist taking a picture of the sign while on the prerun. There was a solid group of pre-runners and pre-ruckers. I think there was even a Pony Express sighting, but rumor has it that he got scared of the upcoming workout. The 5:30 greeting may have been my smoothest yet, with the mission, principles, and disclaimer all covered quickly with no hiccups. We had one FNG, Matt, join us this morning.

Warmup: Mosey on down to the Hard Hat Area and circle up in the street. Not the most spacious of places for a group of 25 to warm up, but it got the job done. The 1st exercise was SSH, but the count was interrupted around 15 or so when a car drove through. We parted the group, allowed them through, then moved on. 20 Goofballs, then 20 Monkey Humpers, then 20 Pickle Pushers, then 20 Mountain Climbers. The mountain climbers were interrupted as well by another vehicle passing through. Upon completion of the warmup, we counted off, so I could determine how I wanted to number off the group for the Thang. We moseyed on down the street to the roundabout.

Thang: Gut BOMBS: At the roundabout, we circled up again and counted off by 12s. It was then explained that this would be a partner routine, with the 1s together, 2s together, etc. The routine is B.O.M.B.S. but with a little twist. Together the partners will complete the cumulative number of reps for the given exercises. When one partner is completing the exercise, the other is lunge walking back toward the shovel flag. 25 lunges to be exact. Once 25 lunges are complete, call out for your partner and Al Gore until they run to you. Then switch. The groups continue to advance up the hill to the shovel flag until all reps are completed. The 1st group to finish will then go back to the group that’s the “6” and complete their reps with them. The exercises with rep counts are: 50 Burpees, 100 IC Overhead Claps, 150 Merkins, 200 Big Boy Situps, 250 Squats. As most of the groups got close to finishing up their squats and were getting near the shovel flags again, Omaha was called to get everyone back to the flags for our Post Thang. It should be noted that over the course of advancing back up the hill, the group was met by at least a dozen vehicles. We did a great job of slowing them down and maintaining a safe place for the Sterling Ridge area. I think the developer would have been proud of us.

Post Thang: Bear vs. Crab: Groups 1-6 were assigned to the Bears team, and Groups 7-12 were assigned to the Crabs team. This is a game of soccer with Bears being in the bear crawl position, and Crabs being in the crab walk position. Bears advance the ball with their hands, Crabs advance the ball with their feet. At half time, the teams switch. It’s difficult to say what the final score was. In hindsight, a few changes should have been made. 1; make the field a little bigger. 2; Bears advance the ball by punching it, not throwing it. 3; actual goals would have been nice, to make it clear if a ball was too high to score.

Quick Mary: Rancid Style American Hammers

Announcements: Mingus is heading off to college! Thanks for spending your last morning in town with us. Tomorrow is Wait Time’s birthday party Q at Top Rope.
Prayers: Retweet’s buddy Jim has been diagnosed with cancer. Wait Time’s cousin Adam is awaiting a heart and kidney transplant.

Circle of Trust: This workout was planned so that each guy had a partner they had to rely on to complete the thang, and a team to work with for the post thang. No going at it alone on this one. I’ve had teamwork on my mind a lot lately, because I’ve been considering a little bit of career shift. I’m currently in a position that is very independent. I have a team, but rarely need anything from them, and we can all operate alone. Before this position, I was in a very team-dependent environment. I miss that. I was reminded last week of how significant things could be with help from someone else. I had a 1 on 1 kickboxing session at the gym, which I hardly ever use the gym for anything other than swimming. In this kickboxing session, I quickly realized how enjoyable and effective the workout was, because I was working with someone else. A solo kickboxing session is OK, but you’re very limited on what you can do. With someone else that can do things like throw on mitts and move around with you, the workout is so much better. I’ve always been someone that struggles to ask for help, and I need reminders of the importance of how well working with someone or a team is. Whether it’s at work, at home with your wife or kids, or anything else you do, it’s ok to ask for help.

Post Workout Note: General consensus from a few of the PAX, if someone under the age of 21 throws up, it should be called “Splashing Hi-C”.


Hard Hat

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