24 HIMs joined me for Q School at The Colosseum on a warm and humid morning.  It was a mix bag of experience in the PAX so I knew this would take on a life of its own and this class included Tater Tot, Swiper, Stella, Doll Face, Q Tip, Black Flag, Romeo, Tinder Foot, Bear Grillz, Dr. Thunder, Brick, Bovine, Sportiva, Frosty, Safe Ride, Jack Rabbit, Samples, Edison, Bondsman, Chicklets, Left Seat, Lansbury, Demogorgon, Grease Fire and Yours Truly Khakis.

I welcomed the PAX to F3 Q School, I introduced myself and I took a deep breath.  F3 Stands for Fitness Fellowship and Faith.  I went slowly and purposefully through the 5 Core Principles,  the Mission Statement, the Credo, and Disclaimer.  I reemphasized that these are to be said at all workouts and there should be no exceptions.  This is NOT the Khakis way this is the F3 way.  I informed them this would be a beatdown with some tips on Qing a workout whether it was you first time and 10th time.  I also through in some history of F3 including the jargon in our Lexicon and Exicon.

We moseyed to midfield for a very short warmarma and then it was off to The Thang (see attached).  While we mosey from cone to cone the PAX chanted the following “The next exercise is, starting position move, EXERCISE – The next exercise is, starting position move, EXERCISE” this was repeated over and over until we reached the next cone.  While doing SSH the class was given a “Pop Quiz” with various members called on … a wrong answer resulted in 2 Burpees for everyone…I think the entire PAX learned something included myself.  There were 3 exercises at each stop and various members of the PAX where asked to lead the exercise.

After all 4 were completed I finally said Omaha and we mosey to the corner for Amerian Hammers IC Rancid Style.

Namarama was completed and announcements given.  Plenty of exciting things going on, VQs, new AOs, Shovel Passing, Pop Up AOs, Anniversary etc…please continue to check Slack to stay up to date.   Tater did make the announcement that we have put a temporary pause on Ball of Man and will kneel for prayer.  Please continue to be respectful of others.

My COT was short.  When EHing it easy to see they guy who is out of shape and needs F3 or the guy that is going through a hard time like a divorce that needs F3 but the hard one is the Sad Clown.  The Sad Clown Syndrome can strike anyone at any time.   The Sad Clown gives off the impression that everything is just fine but deep down they are hurting or lonely or depressed or just lost.  We are called to go find those lost men and bring them to our home open to ALL MEN F3.  Finally I suggested to the guys looking to Q for the first time and are struggling over what to say….just tell them why YOU are here!  That’s what we want to know.

Samples prayed us out.

Have a great day Khakis

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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