17 August 2021 / Colosseum / Westside High School / 68 degrees / Wind SE 5 mph / 89% humidity / Clear

PAX (28*): Vandelay (Respect), Blades of Glory, Golden Pike, Trailer Park (Down Range), Toadstool, Folsom, No Doze, Jack Rabbit, Tender Foot, Lansbury, Bonnie, Sportiva, Trademark, Caddy Shack, Swinger, Brick, Samples (Respect), Bloodshot, Smashmouth, Super Tasty, Q-Tip (Respect, Respect), Cutting Edge, Stella, Huffy, Edison, Sven, Safe Ride, Kobayashi, and Gator (*plus Mufasa)

QIC: Gator… No, wait. Mufasa.

I arrived at about 5:07 a.m., which was just in time to see Blades of Glory at the beginning of a better-late-than-never-pre-run. YHC joined him on a nice 20-minute run. We returned to find a great crowd of PAX ready for a beatdown.


At 5:30, the Q welcomed the PAX and hit the 5 core principles; our mission statement; the credo; the not-a-professional disclaimer, and then noted that we’d need to be careful on our string of pearls down Pacific Street.

The Q mentioned that Mufusa was slightly confused in his pre-blast about the AO at which he was Q’ing – Cornhusker Handicap. YHC pledged to donate $2 for every PAX that posted at Cornhusker and Mufasa would do the same for the Colosseum PAX. A quick count off revealed Mufusa was on the hook for $56.


We then performed the following exercises:

Sun Gods x 10 IC (forward and reverse)

Tappy Taps x 20 IC

Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

At 5:35 – we started our mozy for The Thang

The Thang: “The String of Pearls

Eastbound, we departed the Colosseum and ran on Pacific for about a half mile.

Stop #1: Loveland Elementary School

YHC led the PAX in the following exercises:

20 Merkins

20 Air Squats

20 Low Dollies (singles on the open)

Continued in an easterly direction for about .4 miles

Stop #2: Scooter’s at 76th and Pacific

Repeated previous exercises with the assistance of Toadstool and Sven

Not time for coffee just yet, so we ran about another .4 miles

Stop #3: 72nd and Pacific

We arrived to see that Mufasa and the PAX at Cornhusker Handicap were across the street performing what appeared to be AMRAP monkey humpers in our general direction. We responded in kind. Then Mufusa ran across the street and gave me his car keys. I gave him mine and ran to the other side of 72nd.

I joined the Cornhusker PAX at the tail end of some mountain climbers and then welcomed them to F3 and let them know I would be the Q for their return flight. Mufusa did the same for the Colosseum PAX.

With a brief stint of walking lunges on the bridge over the creek, YHC led the Cornhusker Handicap PAX to the Keystone Trail and then southward to our next stop.

Stop #4: Footbridge over the Trail, North of Pine St.

          Repeat previous exercises

Then continued south for about another third-of-a-mile

Stop #5: Footbridge over the Trail, by the Hilton Garden Inn

          Repeat previous exercises

We hit the home stretch and arrived in Stinson Park.

Polaroid made sure he had Icy Hot’s correct age to ensure he was properly counted just before we circled up for

Count Off and Name-A-Rama

PAX: (11**) Two Step, Cosmo, Dome, Schwinn, Sticky Bandit, Bovine, Icy Hot, Polaroid, Doll Face (Respect), Sister Act, and Gator (**plus Mufasa)

11 PAX x $2 = $22 to be donated by YHC

Announcements and Prayers

  • Yogi’s VQ tomorrow at Main Stage
  • Two more VQs on Thursday at Futurama and The Berm for Demigorgan and Italian Job, respectively.
  • This was Sticky Bandit’s last post before returning to Corpus Christi – prayers for safe travels and good luck!


The Q started by thanking all the PAX this morning for embracing change with the Q switcheroo. We clearly had a lot of fun with our Qs today and appreciate the PAX being great sports (and for running hard).

We also wanted to share a joint message about embracing change.

YHC told the story of my family moving from Alabama to Omaha three years ago. It was a change that I resisted at first, but later embraced. Had I not embraced the change, I probably would not have come to F3. Saying “yes” to all the big changes over the past few years put me in a position where I was ready to say “yes” to F3 when I was EH’d by Toadstool.

Change is hard. The bigger the change, the harder it can be to embrace. Resisting change can often lead to more difficulties. But change can be a driving force for good in your life – if you let it.

Sister Act led us in out in a prayer with a great message and expression of thankfulness for F3 and all the PAX – appreciate it, brother!

– Gator (and Mufasa) –

P.S. I opened Mufasa’s car to see that he had left me note and a towel – something I should have done for him but didn’t think to do so. As I was reflecting on what a great HIM Mufasa is, I read the note and realized that the towel was intended to protect Mufusa’s car seat – well played, brother…

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