14 Aug 2021

AO: The Oracle (0600)

Weather: 63 degrees, clear

PAX (21): Moon man, Convoy, Superfly, Armbar, Cheap Seats, Tubesocks, Pothole, Lightbright, Khakis, Birdman, Chucky, Vandelay, Waterboy, Monacle, Italian Job, Wentworth, A-bomb, Specimen, Good Life, Sparty, Pantyhose

QIC: Sparty & Pantyhose

The weather was nearly perfect for what was about to take place. A day of celebration for Sparty and Pantyhose as they set out to Co-Q on their respective anniversaries…Sparty’s 2 year and Pantyhose’s 1 year. The reality of a Co-Q had been in the works for quite some time. Pantyhose was well aware that his debut of F3 was on Sparty’s 1 year anniversary, which transpired on 8/15/2020 at The Oracle. In early spring, Pantyhose approached Sparty about a Co-Q on a day that means so much to each of them. Pantyhose realized Sparty was 100% on board when he had reached out to Vandelay in early July to see if the date was open at The Oracle…Vandelay’s response was perfect, “It looks like I have you and Sparty down to Co-Q…does that work?” Sparty had went ahead and booked the date for the two of us! Pantyhose’s response, “You’re damn’ right it does!”

Sparty’s Q on 8/15/2020 left a mark on many PAX, including Pantyhose…maybe you could even say it left a run in his pantyhose. Once Sparty was on board for a Co-Q, Pantyhose dropped the question… “What if we repeat your anniversary beatdown from a year ago?” Sparty did not hesitate…in fact I think he was honored that Pantyhose was so fond of the beatdown that day. He recalled there were moments of joy (mostly with the PAX debating Omaha’s best pizza), moments of grit (like donkey kicks, BTTW and chicken peckers at the halfway point), and moments of pain and suffering (like when Side Dish spilled merlot) and moments of grace (Khakis alongside Side Dish for the incident).

After a couple of pre-run conversations, an exchange of text messages, and a Friday afternoon zoom call, the plan was set.

0600 came and Sparty did what he does best. Welcomed the PAX to The Oracle 6 AM edition, effortlessly recited the 3F’s, mission statement and the credo. Pantyhose following with the 5 core principals, disclaimer and congratulated Sparty on 2 years.  Sparty laid the ground rules for the morning. First off, there will be no warm-o-rama. Second, the workout today will be like a spartan race…a little running with exercises in between stations. When you arrive at each station you have 2 choices: either do burpees until the 6 comes in or double-back and pick up the 6. And lastly, modify as needed. With that, let’s mosey!

The Thang

There were 8 stations setup in the area surrounding Aldrich, the neighborhood parks, and the business district east of Aldrich.  First station was about a half mile down the trail, past the murph playground and tennis court to a green space adjacent to the trail.

  • Station 1
    • 20 Jump Squats (Sparty)
    • 20 Diamond Merkins (Pantyhose)

The PAX quickly finished out the exercises and off for a short mosey along the trail back to the murph playground for Station 2. Fairly straightforward station here, PAX would line up single file next to the monkey bars. Each PAX would take a lap on the monkey bars and then when finished plank to the 6.

  • Station 2
    • Take a lap on the monkey bars
    • Plank to the 6

At the completion the PAX moseyed for about a half-mile along California Street to the alternate murph playground. At this station, we would split up into 3 groups for an OYO murph followed by American hammers.

  • Station 3
    • OYO – One round of the murph (10 pull ups, 20 merkins, 30 air squats)
    • American Hammers – 20 IC (Pantyhose)

Some PAX did OYO but others grouped up, in typical murph style, to perform the exercise together. Always great to see this camaraderie. Next to the trail for another half-mile mosey east, crossing over Cass St. to the backside of the Westroads Bank building where there just happened to be a tall…dark…beautiful…………..retaining wall (get your head out of the gutter).

  • Station 4
    • Donkey Kicks x 6 and hold the last one (Sparty)
    • Balls to the Wall (Pantyhose slow 10 count)
    • Chicken Peckers x 10 IC (Sparty)

Lots and lots of groans and a few of the PAX dropping early for this station. We were at probably the most difficult point of the beat down. Some encouragement was needed amongst the PAX to bring the enthusiasm back up…Pantyhose mentioned that the moseys from here to the end are fairly short. The PAX would mosey around the east side of the building, and then back west two buildings to the circle of flags at the Ameriprise Financial building for Station #5.

  • Station 5
    • Dips x 20 (Pantyhose)
    • Derkins x 20 (Pantyhose)

It was a quick stop at Station 5. On to Station 6, which was at the west side of the CIT Bank parking lot.

  • Station 6
    • 20 yard ladder run
    • Mosey to second cone (about 20 yards)
    • Crawl bear to the third cone (felt like 80 yards)

The crawl bear at this station seemed to go on forever. It felt as if the last cone was moving away from the PAX. Sparty and Pantyhose had been picking up the station cones all along the way and by the time they reached Station 6, the cones were accumulating and becoming a hinderance. Sparty tried his best to modify by incorporating a cone carry into the crawl bear, but the cones were having no part of it…Sparty dropped the cones early in the crawl bear. Pantyhose somehow found a little step in his gitty up and finished the crawl bears early, then doubled-back to pick up the cones and the 6. Next would be a mosey north out of the parking long, west down Cass St. and to the north side of the Methodist building.

Hidden in the early daybreak shadows of the Methodist building is a hill that sits just east of the building. Station 7 began here…bear crawls, lunges, and monkey humpers

  • Station 7
    • Bear crawl up the hill to cone
    • Lunge to second cone
    • Monkey Humpers x 20 IC (OYO)
    • Plank to 6

The end was in sight. At the conclusion of Station 7, the shovel flags were in view. But there was one station remaining. A cone could be seen at the west end of the Methodist lot. PAX would sprint mosey to the cone, drop for HR merkins, then low crawl down the hill, and finally mosey to the shovel flags.

  • Station 8
    • 20 hand release merkins
    • Low crawl down the hill
    • Mosey to shovel flags


  • Absolution, in honor of 2 Step’s two year anniversary (led by Sparty). The jury is still out on how to correctly count these in cadence. Sparty mentioned that 2 step had introduced this to the PAX.


  • Check slack for more information:
    • 3rd F blood drive on Aug. 27
    • Habitat house painting on Aug. 21
    • Heartland Hope in October
    • JDRF walk on Sept. 11
    • Vala’s on Sept. 19 (compliments of Crab Cakes)
    • Spartan Race in Indiana on Sept. 19…there is an opening if anyone wants to hop on board
    • 2 Step’s F3 anniversary is today (2-year)


  • Chucky asked for prayers of unity for the community and country


Sparty kicked off COT with gratitude of the PAX on his 2-year anniversary. The true HIM that he is then turned it over to me to offer a COT for my 1-year anniversary. TClaps Sparty!

I opened up with more gratitude. First to Birdman for getting me plugged into this group of men. It has been an awesome year and I’m thankful for all of the tight bonds that I’ve made along the way. It is ironic that I get to share the date and Co-Q with the HIM (Sparty) that EH’d the HIM (Birdman) that EH’d me. The Lord works in mysterious ways!

I have spent a lot of time reflecting on my last year of F3…thinking a lot about what the it has meant to me and the impact that F3 has had on not only me, but to those around me…my family, my friends, my coworkers…it’s really amazing.

I’ve also thought a lot about how much growth I’ve been part of…4 new AO’s in the last 2 weeks; 15-16 new AO’s in the last year. It’s truly remarkable. I’m honored to be a Site Q and I can’t help to think about the leadership having some reservation every time we open a new AO…thoughts like, what if we can’t continue to have numbers at workouts, what if numbers regress?

It reminds me of an old movie that has resurfaced and gained popularity over the last week because of an MLB baseball game that was played on Thursday night in the great state of Iowa. The Chicago White Sox and the New York Yankees played in Dyersville, at the site where the movie “Field of Dreams” was filmed. I figured that most of the PAX had seen the movie but explained that it was about a crazy farmer that turned a corn field into a baseball field because of dreams and voices in his head. The famous line from the movie was “If you build it, they will come.”

The night before my anniversary workout, as I was watching some clips from the baseball game, trying to explain to my kids the premise of the movie and I couldn’t help but notice similarities with this quote and F3 Omaha. We continue to establish new AOs at such a rapid pace and the FNG’s keep coming…and, more importantly, coming back. The reason they keep coming is because of the bonds that we’ve established. Before F3 I had people in my life that filled various roles, some I worked with, some I worked out with, some I could laugh with, some I could grab a beer with, some I could pray with, and a few who I felt comfortable crying with.  But until now, those were all separate circles. F3 is made up of guys that fill all those roles. It is one continuous circle…my Circle of Trust.

Thank you all for this past year. I appreciate every single one of you and I want you to know that it’s not something I take for granted. To the veteran PAX: keep doing what you’re doing; To the new PAX: I ask that you LEAN IN AND HOLD ON…because if you let it, this group of HIM will change you forever.



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