17 AUG 2021

AO: The Helix

PAX (22): Chucky, Mulligan, Pantyhose, Nailed It, Scoober, Nickleback, Tuner, Birdman, Tater Tot, Tin Cup, FNG (The Detention), Ice T, Patton(Respect), Kill Switch, Slow Pitch, Romeo (Hate), Doppler, Black Flag, Z-bo, Toto, Short Sale, Khakis (Respect)

QIC: Khakis (Respect)

It was a pleasant DARK 70 degree morning and Khakis welcomed the PAX to F3 (Fitness Fellowship and Faith).  He went over the 5 Core Principles, Mission Statement, Credo and Disclaimer.  He asked if there were any FNGs and there was one – TJ!

Then Chucky, Mulligan, Pantyhose, Nailed It, Scoober, Nickleback, Tuner, Birdman, Tater Tot, Tin Cup, FNG, Ice T, Patton “Respect”, Kill Switch, Slow Pitch, Romeo “Hate”, Doppler, Black Flag, Z-bo, Toto, Short Sale and Khakis counted off separated into groups of 3 and mosey to The Helix Hill for a 3-Man Grinder.

No Warmarama, No Pre-Thang, just an up and down The Helix Hill beatdown.  In groups of 3 one started at the top of the hill one at the bottom of the hill and one pushing.  At the top of the hill it was simple AMRAP Hydro Squat into a Side Straddle Hop into a Hand Release Burpee and back another Side Straddle Hop.   HYDRO-SIDE STRADDLE-HRB-HOP…Khakis promised to come up with a better name for this but in the meantime that is what the PAX did at the top of the hill AMRAP until they were pushed.  Waiting 100 yards away at the bottom of the hill was the following exercises AMRAP as well.

  1. Squats
  2. Mountain Climbers
  3. Monkey Humpers
  4. Bobby Hurleys
  5. Plank Jacks
  6. Alternating Lounges or Bonnie Blairs
  7. Groiners
  8. Smurph Jacks
  9. Merkins
  10. Turkish Get-Ups

There were 7 groups pushing each other and finally Khakis called “Omaha” once the first group completed all 10 exercises.  Most groups were not far behind but Khakis requested everyone do 5 Turkish Get-Ups to complete the workout.

The PAX moseyed back to the Shovel Flags for a little Mary.

  1. 10 LBC In cadence
  2. 10 Heel Touches In cadence
  3. 10 Flutter Kicks In cadence
  4. 10 Freddie Mercurys In cadence
  5. 20 American Hammers In cadence

The final “Omaha” was called and the PAX numbered off 22 counting Khakis.  First order of business was Name-O-Rama followed by the naming our newest FNG TJ.  In full disclosure Ice T gave Khakis a heads-up that he was bringing an FNG and he was Principal at Roncalli High School and suggested he think of a good nickname.  Several options were thrown out but it was evident Khakis had his mind made up and his name picked out … welcome to F3 “The Detention”.

He then asked for any announcements.  Tater Tot took this time to recognize Khakis and his M for celebrating 21 years of marriage.  


  1. The Murph Challenge
  2. 3rd F Event Brush Up on 8-21 @ 9:00 AM
  3. Wait Time Turns 50 on Wednesday 8-18 Top Rope
  4. Respect Workout 8-19 Paradise


  1. Kids going back to school
  2. Those affected by the situation going on in Afghanistan
  3. Also be thankful for where you are and what you have here in Omaha


Finally it was Khakis COT that reminded and reinforced that F3 is open to ALL men ALL the time.  From all ages and shapes and from all kinds of different backgrounds and beliefs and they are all welcomed.  Khakis mentioned an 8 year old had his VQ this week (congrats Excite Bike) and Khakis is always humbled when he sees the ageless Brad Pitt rip off pull ups.  We are called to EH and seek out men who need F3.   It is easy to see the guy who is out of shape that needs F3 or the guy going through personal struggles that needs F3 but the man that is harder to identify is the Sad Clown who might give the appearance that all is well but internally they are battling/hurting and simply miserable.  Khakis mentioned one our brothers in the PAX that F3 Omaha simply couldn’t not function without “Tater Tot” who is our current Nan-Tan and an extremely influential figure in F3 Omaha.  He quite simply is our leader out in front and more than we all know he’s our leader behind the scenes.  With that said, even as important Tater Tot is to F3 he would be the first to tell you that he needed F3 more than F3 needed him.   That was how it was 3+ years ago and that’s how it continues to be – Khakis thanked Tater Tot for all he means to so many.  After calling him out during his COT he only thought it was appropriate to call him out one more time to lead us in our final prayer.  Amen  

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