The Octagon | Prarie Lane Swing School | 68 degrees and dry

Q: Bloodshot & Ice T

Pax: Icy Hot, Chip ‘n Dale, Hawg RESPECT, Beta Max, Squidward, Golden Pike, Black Flag, Grillz, Trademark, Vandelay RESPECT, Spacebar, Wide Right, The Plague, Toadstool, Bonne, Folsom, Wentworth, Edison, Slow Pitch, Sportiva, Smashmouth, Saul, Rollbar, Z-bo, Hoosegow, Dirty Bird, Caddy Shack, Tater Tot.

Co-Qs welcomed the PAX, stated the mission, 5 core principles, and disclaimer of F3. As the SMurph crew arrived there were no FNGs so we began warmarama in the parking lot.



Tappy Taps

Imperial Walkers


“Run to you” by (the Canadian) Brian Adams with alternating lunges and squats during the verses and Running in place during the chorus.


Pax divided into groups of 4 for an 8 of diamonds workout. Each base of the diamond performed the same exercise starting with 8 reps and mosey between bases. Each round increased reps by a multiple of 8.


8 burpees

16 Merkins

24 LBCs

32 Plank Jacks

40 Carolina Dry Docks

48 Air Squats

56 SSH

64 overhead claps

6 rounds were completed when Omaha was called.


10×2 E2K

15 Gass pumpers

American Hammers Rancid style



A little history about the AO:

The Octagon AO got its name because of the 4 buildings that all have 8 sides. Facts you know: The grass is long and it always seems soaked. There’s no lights and in the southeast corner it smells like a dead animal sometimes. The track isn’t regulation and the field has has holes.


About a year ago I was a solid 4 day a week PAX. Folsom took notice and asked me if Monday was NOT a Murph, would I accelerate to 5 days a week. I said yes.

When Tater Tot asked me if I had interest in being a site Q, I wasn’t sure if I could lead or if anyone would follow. You said “to lead it doesn’t matter how many Merkins you can do or fast you can run”. I’m glad I said yes because plenty of other HIM from Omaha have started their week with an Octagon Post.


Khakis cafe convergence happens here.


I knew Ice T would be the right guy and one particular morning backed it. I was one of the last cars to leave and noticed he was making sure everyone’s car started and left. He was watching out for the six. I admit I don’t always do that.

I told this at lunch one day and Brazillian called out B.S. One freezing cold day at the Octagon his key didn’t work and he had to run to khakis for a hand.

1. I’m far from perfect and someone will come around and do a better job

2. Brazilian never forgets.

I’m honored and humbled to serve you.

Ice T told his story of feeling lonely and depressed before finding great joy in the friendships of the F3 community.

Ice T closed us out with prayer and coffee on site.

F3Omaha - 2096 posts

Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

The Octagon

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