Thursday, August 12, 2021

Copperfield,  Omaha, NE

72°, Maize, humid, dark.

PAX:  Blades of Glory, Gator,  Mufasa, Dr. Thunder, Barn Door, Light Bright, Hard Hat, Pothole, Cutting Edge, Bear Grylls, T-ball , Tonight Show, Wait Time, Speed Square, Escobar, Fence Line, FNG Beef Jerky,  Mr Miyagi,  Crab Cakes 

QIC: Blades of Glory

Blades of Glory welcomed 19 PAX (total) to The Maize. He gave an ADD mission statement, (kept it very short and more to the point unlike the first roundabout). HE forgot the disclaimer and he was aware there was an FNG but didn’t say it outloud.  (next time Blades).  While adding the 4th F of Fun but realizing there was no talking during the work out and due to the work out he regrets throwing it out there since it wasn’t received by the crickets making more noise then 19 pax members. (maybe next time).

Warm-A-Rama:  Stayed right where we were for a quick Warm-A-Rama

Side Straddle Hop – 10IC

High Knees – 10IC

Inch Worm to push up back up – 5  (on your own)

Pre-Thang: that wasn’t a thing for Blades, he just axled right over it to go to his Shania Thang…


With Blades still not sure exactly what to do even though he had over a week to decide he nixed the option to run around the lake and to avoid the hill by the fire station (didn’t want to show off our ultimate superior strength to them in case they were watching).  

So we headed to HWS Cleveland Boulevard to do the work out.  He handed the work out to each individual as if it were their first day back to school and this was their assignment.  With the teacher (Blades of Glory) printing on such “fineprint” since he was supposed to be doing the Q but couldn’t due to COVID.  

Work out went as following 

Round 1.  10 Burpees

Round 2. 15 air squats (DC style)

Round 3. 20 Merkins

Round 4. 25 big boy sit ups

Round 5. 30 walking lunges

Round 6. 35 mountain Climber (single)

Round 7. 40 American Hammers (single)

Round 8. 45 Monkey Humpers (single)

We started at the crosswalk (speed bump) by the running trail for round 1 and would run up to the entrance near F street and then do round 2.  Each round we would run about 150 yards to  one of the other locations.  Round 2 consisted of 15 air squats with 10 burpees (then run), Round 3 20 merkins, 15 air squats, 10 burpees (then run) and so on.  

Some key things to mention.. Hard Hat took names and kicked asphalt and had his heart rate at an all time high.  Mufasa was there but you didn’t know because he wasn’t talking.  Questions like “why do you hate us so much were made?” to Blades of Glory.  PAX grinded it out in silence as they did not want to lose count and start over…

We made it to round 7 ish before Blades of Glory called “Omaha”.  Some did mountain climber, american hammer and monkey humpers in cadence which was an option for those who wanted a more challenging workout.

For those who like total numbers that was 80 burpees, 105 air squats, 120 merkins, 125 big boy sit ups, 120 lunges, 105 Mt. climbers, 80 American Hammers, 45 monkey numbers.  And just over .6 mile run during the Thang.

We mosied back to the parking lot where we ended up doing 50 Bobby Hurleys or as Blades wrote (touch the ground and hand up thingy).  And finished the work out with Rancid style American Hammers.

There was a Friendly new Guy and after hearing something about a Jerky plant he was named “Beef Jerky”

Name O Rama

Blades of Glory – learned his lesson from his first Q and used the video function on his Iphone to successfully do the Name o Rama. But miscounted and there were 19 not 17 as he tweeted.  Next time…


– GiveBlood people need it. – Blood Drive at Water’s Edge Church on the 19th for Nebraska COmmunity Blood Bank. Also, a Freed to Bleed event hosted by the Sarpy Swagger crew at Nebraska Community Blood Bank on the 27th. See Slack to sign up.

– Beef Jerky’s prayer for his dad.

-Big House’s father passed away.

-Wait time’s cousin needs a heart transplant

Fenceline prayed us out


Blades of Glory read a tweet.  Apparently that is where he is getting his inspiration from Rich Roll:  

“I didn’t reach my athletic peak until I was 43.  I didn’t write my first book until I was 44.  I didn’t start my podcast until I was 45.  At 30, I thought my life was over.  At 52 I know it’s just beginning.  Keep Running. Never give up.  And watch your kite Soar!”

Blades did a quick summary of Rich Rolls life of going into AA rehab around 30, a marriage that didn’t even last the honeymoon, Rich had to stop halfway up the stairs at age 39 because he was too exhausted.  However he and his current wife have made incredible changes and continue to inspire people.  He completed 5 Ironmans in 7 days.  And has inspired Blades to keep going especially when you are going through hell.   “Keep running. Never give up. And watch your kite Soar!”  Being a part of F3Omaha has been very impactful.  Then he abruptly ended due to getting choked up.  Followed by the awkward silence until he asked Fence line to pray.  

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