13 August 2021 / Golden Spike / Burke High School / 66 degrees / Wind SW 3 mph / 67% humidity / Mostly Clear

PAX (26): Wentworth, Mother Goose, Room Service, Kielbasa, Tugboat, Jared (FNG), Super Tasty, Super Nasty, Drano, Barn Door, Retweet, Cheap Seats, Bear Grylls, Dirty Bird, Khakis (Respect), Dr. Thunder, Mufasa, John (FNG), Convoy, Sister Act, Tin Cup, Chiclets (Respect), Vandelay (Respect), Blades of Glory, Gump, and Gator

QIC: Gator

Pre-run (10): Wentworth, Mother Goose, Cheap Seats, Vandelay, Blades of Glory, Dirty Bird, Chiclets, Barn Door, Convoy, and Gator.

I woke up about ten minutes before my alarm went off and decided to just get out of bed. I was super excited for my first Q at Golden Spike. After I arrived, I used the extra time to drop off a few things on the football field. As I got closer to the gate, it looked like it was locked. (Panic). Would I need to call an audible and go to the parking lot? Nope – the gate opened. (Whew).

Wentworth and Mother Goose arrived, followed by an unusually punctual Blades of Glory. I was also amazed that we had 5 Shovelflags planted before 10 pre-runners hit the pavement. In what would end up being the first of many forgetful moments for the Q, I realized that I didn’t hit start on my Strava app. (Doh!) But it was a great run and I appreciated Mother Goose picking up the six (twice). 


At 5:30, the Q welcomed the PAX and 2 FNGs – Jared and John. We hit the 5 core principles; our mission statement; the credo; the not-a-professional disclaimer, and then did a lap around the track. 


With a nod to today’s date, we circled up and performed the following exercises:

Big Ones x 13 IC

Tappy Taps x 13 IC

Imperial Walkers x 13 IC

Cherry Pickers x 13 IC

Then we lined up on the goal line for the pre-thang

The Pre-Thang: “The F360

The Q explained that “The F360” is 100 yards and 260 reps. We’d start by Bear Crawling the first 50 yards; Walking Lunges for the last 50, with an exercise every 10 yards. It went something like this:

5 Burpees – led by YHC

(then Bear Crawl to the 10-yard line)

10 Jump Tucks – led by Dirty Bird

(Bear Crawl to the 20-yard line)

20 Groiners – led by Retweet

(…on to the 30…)

30 Merkins – led by a reluctant Mufasa

(to the 40)

40 seconds of plank – count off by Bear Grylls

(almost halfway there)

50 Air Squats – led by YHC

(quick 10 count from Mufasa and we started lunges)

40 seconds of chill cut – count off by Gump

(more lunges)

30 Carolina Dry Docks – led by Mother Goose

(still more lunges)

20 Mountain Climbers IC – led by Convoy

(into the red zone)

10 Bobby Hurleys – led by Blades of Glory

(he calls them the “hand touch the ground and jump thingy”)

5 SSH IC – led by YHC (whew) 

The Thang: Two-Man Grinder

PAX partnered up and met back at the 50. 

I partnered with Blades and was glad to see he was looking a little gassed – if you came to the Maize this week, then you know what a brutal beatdown he put on us. It was nice to return the favor. 

For the Thang, we had one PAX sprint to the goal line and then do

5 Alarm Clocks

Then run back to the 50 to relieve and switch with the PAX performing the following AMRAP exercises:











The Q was relieved to see that Convoy was the first to start doing Burpees, which meant Omaha would occur in mere moments. At 6:04, the Q called it. (whew) Back to the 50 for:

Six Minutes of Mary

According to Mufusa, the Q’s 6-M-O-M has become YHC’s “signature move.” That was an improvement from his mumblechatter at my last Q when he said, “Oh no, not this again.”

Starting in chill cut, we brought out our right leg as far as we could and then back for

Gator Tails x 5 IC

Then switched sides with our left leg out for more

Gator Tails x 5 IC

Cheap Seats noticed that the Q had forgotten to make it 13 reps. (Doh!) With that reminder, we turned to a side plank and curled our right arm under us for

Gator Spears (aka, the “Slow Nolan Ryan”) x 7 IC 

Then switched sides with our left arm up for more

Gator Spears x 6 IC

On our six, with both arms up to the sky, we rolled up and down for 

Death Rolls x 13 IC

Then the Q realized he forgot his phone. (Panic). While looking to a fellow PAX to bail out YHC, the Q also forgot to do a count off (Doh!). Luckily, Room Service had his phone (whew) and Khakis hit the count off for us (respect) – 26 in all. 

After Name-A-Rama, we brought into the circle FNG Jared – now Bob Vila; followed by FNG John – now Yuengling. Welcome! 

Announcements and Prayers

Mother Goose let us know we’d continue to follow our core principle of being open to all men by taking a knee during prayer for the time being. And Barn Door gave a nice plug for Iron Pax – check Slack for details. 

We will offer our prayers for Tugboat’s grandparents (Don and Janice) while Janice is in the hospital. We will also pray for the family and friends of the Omaha South High School student-athlete that passed away this week. 

COT: A Story About Coach Bobby Bowden

While donning a sweaty Florida State Seminoles shirt, I began with a note about the passing of Bobby Bowden at the age of 91. From the time I was born until the year after I graduated law school, he was the Coach at FSU. Growing up in Tallahassee, I always heard stories about what great person he was off the field. In reading the many articles that came out this week about Coach Bowden, I was reminded of the story of how he almost became the Coach at Alabama. 

In 1986, he was in Birmingham for a bowl game (FSU beat Indiana 27-13) and he was asked if he would be interested in taking the job at Alabama. His response was, “I’d take it like that.” (with a snap). It was a dream of his to coach there. He was born in Birmingham. He grew up going to games and played there as a freshman (he transferred schools after he got married).  Coaching at Alabama was a dream job for Bowden and a life-long goal. When he went to the meeting, he thought he was going to be offered the job. But it was actually an interview with 17 people. It did not go well. He did not get the job. He was devastated, embarrassed, and felt like it was a huge failure. But he did not let it discourage him. He put it in the rear view and moved forward. 

The next year, 1987, Bowden began a 14-year consecutive run at finishing in the top 5 – an unprecedented accomplishment. He won 12 conference championships and 2 national titles. And more wins than his hero, Bear Bryant.

So, when things don’t go your way, you don’t get what you want, you experience failure – even things that may be as big as a life-long goal. Don’t be discouraged. Learn from it. Put it behind you. Move on. Get better. And you’ll end up where you’re supposed to be.  

Oh, by the way, the funny thing was that Alabama ended up offering him the job in 1990. And Bowden turned it down. He said, I’m building something here at FSU and this is where I’m supposed to be. 

Mother Goose led us out with an excellent prayer. I was also glad that I stuck around for the Rosary with him and Cheap Seats. 

Great job PAX and Go Noles!

– Gator –

P.S. The Q also forgot to pose the trivia question, which was “Where was Bobby Bowden born?” Kudos to Mufasa for remembering that the correct answer was provided during the COT. 

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