Here is the back blast:

Back Blast: 
AO: The Combine 8/13/21 
Temp: 64 and starsy 
Q: TubeSocks 
PAX: LPC, FDIC, Wax On, Hard Hat, Splinter…Cell, Thor, Lite Brite, Griswold, Supa Fly, Speed Square, Happy Camper, Cuban, Billboard, Biff, Toto, White Claw, Moonman,  Rollbar, Bubble, Pantyhose, Wide Right, Italian Job, TubeSocks  
PAX met at shovel flags. 5 Core Principles, Mission Statement, and disclaimer, Welcomes FNG (none).  
Mosey, warm-a-rama, and pre-thang: 5:17-5:35 
Let’s mosey: Short Mosey (1 lap) around parking lot 
1 Side straddle hop 
2 Tappy-Taps 
3 Big One’s 
4 Tater Taps 
Danger Zone Run/Squat 
Thang: 5:35-5:55 4-stations (String of Pearls) Divide into 4 groups 

  1. Push Group:
    A. 20 Merkins
    B. 30 Squats
    C. 40 Cherry Pickers (IC)
    D. 30 LBC (IC)
    E. 20 Mountain Climbers (IC)
  2. AMRAP
    A. Bobby Hurleys
    B. Apolo Ohno’s
    C. Monkey Humpers
    D. Big One’s
    E. WOJO Squats (Squat down and slap floor with both hands)
  3. AMRAP
    A. Derkins
    B. Werkins
    C. Merkins
    D. Lerkins (Dips)
    E. Kerkins (Moroccan Night Clubs)
  4. AMRAP
    A. Dying cockroach
    B. Heel touches
    C. Heels to heaven
    D. Low Dolly’s
    E. Box Cutters
    Mary’s, COT Prayer 5:50-6:00
    1 American hammers (Rancid style)

    Announcements & Prayer requests: House painting on 8-21 (see slack or Thor for more details). Pray for LPC and his M on the upcoming birth of their 2nd daughter. Pray for anyone who is changing jobs, struggling with COVID and the silent prayers.

    Anniversary is defined by google as:
    “The date on which an event took place in a previous year.”
    Today is my 2 year anniversary of F3. When I first started, I viewed it as just a workout. It is more than that, it is fun being part of something that is so impactful not only to me but our community. The sense of pride I share being part of F3 is something that I can not put into words. Thank you!

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