The Helix | Hillsborough Park | Tuesday August 10, 2021 | 5:30AM | 77 degrees, humid and swampy

PAX: Space Bar, Scoober, Biff, Fish Oil, Nickleback, Billboard, Magic, Patton, Nailed It, Cataracts, Saul, Toto, FNG-Chris (Eagle), Kill switch, Cradle, Combine, T-Bird, FNG-Chris (Toonces), LPC, ZBo, Loofa, FNG-Jordan (Lightning Thief), Mulligan, Panty Hose and Wait Time.

Pre-Runners: Magic, Toto, LPC, Cataracts, Pantyhose, Saul, T-Bird, Biff, Fish Oil.

QIC: Wait Time

YHC welcomed 25 PAX including three FNGs. We were there to celebrate National Lazy Day – F3 style. After sharing the mission, vision, principles and disclaimer, I reminded everyone that I wasn’t their friend for the next 45 minutes. We moseyed to the school for Warm-A-Rama.

WARM-A-RAMA: SSH x 20 IC | Yoga Plank x 10 | Merkin x 5 | Half Pigeon x 10 | Yoga Plank x 10 | Carolina Dry Dock x 5 | Half Pigeon x 10 |Garland pose x 10 | 45 degree squat x 10 | Garland pose x 10 | 45 degree squat x 10

Pre-Thang: Partner Push | Wheebarrow | Partner Carry | Weekend at Bernie’s (All movements were approximately 25 yards per man.


PAX moseyed to hill in center of park. Three PAX each carried a 50-70 lb sand bag up the hill in a rotating fashion. Everyone carried a bag at least one time. While the trio carried the bags, the other PAX did the following:

Chuck Norris x 20 | Hydralic Squat x 20 IC | Freddie Mercury x 20 IC | Burpees x 10 | Machtar Ndgiaye x 15 IC | Monkey Humpers x 20 IC | Heels to Heaven x 15 IC| Crab Cakes x 20 IC| Diamond Merkins x 20 | Copperhead Squats x 20 IC| LBCs x 20 IC | Turkish Get-ups x 10 | Hand Release Merkins x 15 | Bonnie Blair x 20 IC | Big Boy Sit Up x 20 | Mt Climbers x 20 IC

6MOM: Marge and Homer x 12 | American Hammer x 25 IC rancid style.

Announcements and Prayers:
◦ Back to school drivers, school zones, etc
◦ Launch Main Stage Millard South
◦ Shovel pass – Pit Saturday
◦ Queen service pop up – Friday Paradise 0530

◦ Teachers, Admins
◦ Wait time cousin Adam

Circle of Trust: Don’t be easily offended.

Anger is my jester. Anger leads to broken relationships and unnecessary conflict. It is not a productive emotion. Our Ms are not attracted to anger. Our Ms are attracted to our actions. In today’s environment, too many people are easily offended. So many people have smoldering anger.

For years, I was angry at my father. It kept us separated. Thankfully, we reconciled when I got over my anger. My prayer for the PAX is that you don’t let your anger separate you from people who matter most. Don’t let your anger ruin your day. It is up to us to manage that emotion. F3 has taught me the importance of grace and understanding. Let’s take that out into the world.

Grace & Peace, Wait Time

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