AO: Danger Zone 8-11-21PAX: Chernobyl (VQ), High Life, Swiper, Convoy, Ferninand, Borat, Schrute, Feeney, Girl Dad, Double Dip, Knobs, Echo, L-Train, Levy, Baby Shark, Tony the Tiger, Hagas, Flowers, Rooney, Squeaky Clean, Skidz, Eartag, Firewalker, Fun Dip, Roadhouse, Trench, Skittles, Shiplap, FNG (Michelin), KOA
The workout started with two pre-run groups around the Lake, one being shorter, and the other being dumber. Both groups joined the remaining PAX Just in time for Chernobyl to get his VQ Beatdown started. After a quick introduction, the PAX mozied on down to the football field to begin the Warm-O-Rama.
The Warm-O-Rama included:
Sun-Gods x IC each (10 forward, 10 backward)Cherry-Pickers x 15 ICTappy Taps x 15 ICSeal Claps x 15 ICSSH x 15 IC
Once everyone was all warmed up, we immediately jumped into the beatdown.The PAX numbered off into pairs and lined up across the sideline of the football field. The partners worked together to complete:
300 Merkins continuous300 Lunges continuous300 Big Boys continuous
After each set, each pair mozied over the other sideline and back to stretch out their muscles. Meanwhile one pair continuously ran laps around the track, pushing the next pair to do the same while each of the other PAX members were grinding through their reps.
Unfortunately, we were running low on time and had to “Omaha” to the Goal-Line were we teamed up in groups of 4. We then ran 200 yards, stopping at each 25 yard line to do partner inverted push-ups (Maverick Merkins).
Finally, we jumped back up the hill to the flags to finish our Mary’s including:
20 toe-taps ICSarpy Slappers x Rancid style
Chernobyl started the Name-O-Rama including a new FNG (Michelin).
The COT was based around the Bible Passage from Proverbs 17:17 “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.”
How often do we find ourselves in situations where our day just isn’t going right, we’re stressed out from work or at home, and we have endless things to do? How do we treat our friends and family during those times? How do we treat others when we’re not stressed at all? Being the fathers, husbands, and men in society, we are expected to handle everything that comes to us and be the rock with zero emotion. But in reality, those feelings build up over time. How can we stay positive?
If we’re not showing love at ALL TIMES, we’re not living the best version of ourselves. This means tearing down walls and actually getting to know people at an authentic level. It means showing grace to others when they fail and make mistakes. IT means being generous with our wealth, time and effort. Most importantly, it means doing this without the expectation of something in return, because love should be unconditional.
Willingly offering your time and car can sometimes put us in a vulnerable position, but taking the chance is worth the leap. The risk of gain a true friend is worth the risk. Having another brother to rely on is worth it, because this is when “A BROTHER IS BORN FOR A TIME OF ADVERSITY. 

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The Danger Zone

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