August 12, 2021//Stone Creek Park//AO-The Berm//73 sticky degrees//

22 Pax: Birdman, Tube Socks, Thor, Cradle, Patton (Respect!), Magic, TC (Respect!), Armadillo, LPC, Chucky, Nailed It, TheraBand, Cataracts, Sven, Mulligan (Respect!), Doppler, Monocle, Tounces, Hog, Wax On, Panty Hose, and Folsom.

Q: Folsom

The PAX gathered at the Shovelflags, at exactly 05:30, Folsom welcomed the PAX with the mission statement, the 5 core principles, and a disclaimer that he was not a professional, even though in his mind he really is. Then Folsom lead the PAX on a mosey east along Kansas Ave., then northeast to the soccer field for the warm up.

Warm O’ Rama 05:30

  • ¼ mile mosey
  • Don Quixote, ICx10
  • Copper Head Squats ICx12
  • Tappy Taps ICx10
  • Cherry Pickers ICx15
  • Tempo Merkins, ICx10
  • Goof Balls, ICx20

The Thang: The Pentagon 05:40

  1. Station 1, the Push:
    1. Niners (run the width of the basketball court, each touch of the sideline is 1)
  2. Station 2, the Logs:
    1. 20 Log Thrusters
    1. 20 Log Curls
    1. Repeat until pushed
  3. Station 3, Swings:
    1. 15 Swing Rows
    1. 10 Swing Pike Merkins
    1. Repeat until pushed
  4. Station 4, the Tables:
    1. 20 Dips
    1. 20 IC Steps Ups
    1. Repeat until pushed
  5. Station 5 the Berm:
    1. Bear Crawl up
    1. Crawl Bear down

6 (pretty damn close) MoM 30/60/90 pyramid 06:03

  • The following exercises were performed AMRAP for 30 seconds each, with a short rest after 30 then 60, then 90, then 60, and finally 30 seconds.
  • WWI Sit Ups (Straight Legs) 30 seconds, rest, then
  • WWI Sit Ups 30 seconds then
  • Left Leg bent 90 degrees, sit up and twist towards knee, 30 seconds, rest, then
  • WWI Sit Ups 30 seconds then
  • Left Leg bent sit ups 30 seconds then
  • Right Leg bent sit ups 30 seconds then rest
  • Left Leg bent 30 seconds then
  • Right Leg bent 30 Seconds, rest, then
  • Right Leg bent 30 Seconds, rest
  • This was an absolute smokefest for the abs of the PAX. Great finish to the beatdown!


COT: Did you get uncomfortable during the workout? I hope so, because that’s the point. The purpose of a beatdown is to push the PAX outside their comfort zones, because that’s when growth happens. Strength of muscle, of heart, of mind, all come from pushing yourself past what is comfortable. Getting uncomfortable equals getting better. How often do you get uncomfortable outside of a beatdown? I can’t help but think of my failed marriage as a prime example of two people who avoided the uncomfortable conversations. Every time something came up that was difficult to talk about, we stuffed it back down inside, we tried to ignore it. But what happens is it doesn’t go away, it festers, it grows until it’s too big to hold inside anymore. That’s when a husband yells at his wife for not wanting to have sex with him. That’s when a wife yells at her husband because one drink after work turned into 2 hours. Is this making you uncomfortable? If it is then you need to go have the uncomfortable conversation with your M. Believe me, uncomfortable conversations make you stronger together, just like uncomfortable beatdowns make us stronger together.  

Aye- Folsom

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