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Q: Sister Act

YHC got to the site at 0455 and saw that there was already a strong number present for the pre-run. Needing to get Wienkes out and gather final thoughts, FDIC was asked to lead those pre-runners on a route. Clydesdales were present and found their own path as well. YHC went down to the football field, set out Wienkes at the 3 stations and walked to the 50 yard line. Pacing back and forth a bit, a conversation with God was had: “Lord, let this be a place where men are supported, challenged, and able to lead. Thank you for the opportunity to steward their lives in this small way for these brief moments each Wednesday. Amen.”

From there, it was back to the shovel flags to watch the flood of HIM gather. Wow! What an amazing turn out. 0530 hit – mission statement, core principles and disclaimer were given, and since there were no FNGs, we moseyed to the football field. 

WARMARAMA: PAX went to the football field and circled up for some W.

  • 5 Burpees
  • 10 Big Ones
  • 15 Tappy Taps
  • 10 Tempo Merkins
  • 5 Burpees


PAX counted off in 3s and were briefed on the three different stations. DC Propers were introduced, which are air squats, done in true, accurate, Douglas County form. (Props, Tug Boat!!) PAX split off into groups and got into the beatdown.

1s – at bottom of bleachers, divide into two groups. One group wall sit while the other runs up the steps, does 15 Werkins, and comes back down – repeat two cycles of this, then push

2s – across the field, spelling out MAIN (15 each)

  • Merkins
  • Air Squats (DC Propers!)
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Nolan Ryan (15 each side)
  • Rinse and repeat 

3s – South end grass hill going up the fence

  • Bear crawl up the hill, run down, bear crawl up, and run down
  • 5 burpees
  • Rinse and repeat


  • ABCs
  • Low Dollys
  • Frozen Freddies
  • Hammers, Rancid (49’s too many. Noted.)


PRAYERS/ANNOUNCEMENTS – Watch out for young drivers on the road w/ school starting, be cool! Prayers for Big House and his family – he’s driving to VA(?) to be with his father whose health is failing. TAPS, brother.


Some have said that it’s lonely at the top – that when you’re a leader, those you lead never become close to you, don’t feel the same weight you do, and don’t really relate to you. That sounds like a miserable leadership experience! Why do I love F3? Lots of reasons, but a big one is because of the 4th core principle – LED IN A ROTATING FASHION.

In my first days of F3, I’m sorry to admit that I might look around the circle and say to myself, “I bet that guy never really leads workouts. He seems a little quiet, or shy, or maybe not the leader-type.” That was an arrogant and shameful thing for me to say, I’ll admit. And I’ve been proven wrong several times when I see guys on the Q that were maybe ones I never thought would be. 

I wanted to call this site MainStage for a couple reasons – one, it’s a rock and roll term and I’ve been a musician all my life, but two, it reinforces the idea of that 4th core principle. When I played in a band for several years, we weren’t the guys who played MainStage – we played side stage or the tent in the parking lot – and man did we want a chance to be up there headlining!

In F3, everyone gets a chance to headline – everyone gets their shot at the microphone – and that does 3 amazing things. It forces us to each grow in our leadership, it shows others that leadership comes in all styles, and it creates an environment of NO LONELY LEADERS. We all have to plan and execute workouts, we all have to feel that responsibility, and that causes us to support each other no matter how the workout goes! 

F3 came along at an important time for me – a time when I really needed a group of guys around me that accepted me for just who I was and allowed me to grow in a new kind of leadership – one where I’m sure I’m not alone! I’m humbled to lead you all, and I’m especially humbled to lead this site.

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