Losing Control

The Combine Back Blast

July 30th 2021 | AO –The Combine | Kiewit Middle School | 75˚ F with 4 Mph Wind

PAX: Hard Hat, LPC, Wax On, Chucky, The Plague, Pantyhose, Ketchup, Splinter, Beaver, Cradle, Toto    

Q: Toto

Welcomed the above mentioned PAX to The Combine. Took the time to reminded us all of F3s mission and 5 key principles. Checked for FNGs, ☹ none, and gave the necessary disclaimer before our mosey West to the ball diamond for Warm o Rama..

Warm O Rama 


Tappy Taps x 15 IC

Big Ones 10 count each side

Cherry Pickers x 15 IC

Goof Balls x 15 IC


After a short mosey and brief compass alignment from fellow PAX, we arrived on the “East” side of Kiewit Middle School. Here we assumed the position and place balls to the wall. 

Chicken Peckers x 15 IC

Bear Crawl up the hill to side walk and PLANK til the 6 is in. 

Diamond Merkins x 10, Workings x 10 

Mosey back down to school. 

Donkey Kicks x 10 IC 

Bear Crawl up the hill to side walk and PLANK til the 6 is in. 

Monkey Humpers x 20 IC

Crawl Bear down the hill and begin Wall Sit.

Right Leg out for 10 count, Left Leg out for 10 count. 

The plague said this exercise was called Ruby Red Slippers or something like that I’m not real sure. 


Mosey to South Side of Kiewit Middle School and circled up in the yard by the entrance. 

Began our count off with some Burp O Rama. 22 Burpees total. 

Split into 3 groups of 4, 4, and 3. 

I didn’t really want to use a Wienke so I tried an acronym’ d approach for the PAX for what exercises they would have to choose from. They were the BNG’s (Bobby Hurley’s and Groaners) and The Double D’s (Dips and Derkins). 

When asking Pantyhose to repeat the 4 exercises his response was Biscuits and Gravy. 

The three groups split into pairs and one began their run around the large circle entrance. The rest of the groups began their Bs and Gs, and Double D’s AMRAP style until their running pair came full circle to relieve their group. 

Omaha was called at 5:48 and we started our mosey back to the shovel flags. The winds were picking up and lighting was in the distance. 


Box Cutters x 20 IC

American Hammers Rancid Style. 

COT – Losing Control 

I often struggle with my preparing my COT’s but this was unlike any prior attempts because It was heavy on my heart. Earlier this week I made the tough decision of getting the COVID 19 Vaccine. Now I realize this isn’t a tough decision for everybody, and others just as tough. For most of the HIMS that I’ve come to know over this last year and beyond, know that my decision to get the COVID-19 Vaccine would be one on a cold day in Hell. 

This whole vaccine thing has been a continuous struggle between my wife and I as we both have some gravely different perspectives on the virus and its effects on those around us. She is an ICU nurse at UNMC in which she is reminded daily of this virus’s deadly nature. With that in mind, I still ignored my wife’s request to get vaccinated. As time progress my hesitancy has only grown. In part because of the diverse perspectives, but also because I’m Low Risk and I like my current immunity. And maybe, just maybe, I don’t’ want to fall victim to a biological attack by the Chinese some day in the future. All joking aside, I was allowing it to interfere with my marriage.

I had a conversation with mother a few days prior to receiving my fist dose. My mother is strong in her Faith and always grounds me with it when she can. I had walked past her during her last visit to see the grandkids. She said, “What’s bothering you so much about the vaccine?” to which I replied, “Oh I don’t know.” This is my standard language used for changing topics with my mother. She then said, “Would it make you feel better If I told you that your father and I got it?” To which I replied, “No”. Before I could shuffle out of the conversation she said, “Well if its death you’re afraid I’ll just remind you that God is in Control. 

With my mom’s words bouncing around in my head, my decision for getting the vaccine became one of Trust in the Lord. It was my Faith that allowed me to give up this control, this strangle hold I was in. Only God was going to decide what impact this vaccine would have on me. And he’s probably more frustrated with me for allowing my stubbornness to negatively affect my marriage then just buckling up and grimacing for the infamous Fauci-Ouchie. 

Psalm 73:26

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.   


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