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Saturday, August 7, 2021

Aldrich Elementary School, Omaha, NE

68° overcast


(25) – Hard Hat, Griswold, Slow Pitch, Pantyhose, Mulligan, FDIC, Vandelay, Big One, Double Decker, Kielbasa, A-Bomb, Good Life, Cheap Seats, Waterboy, Short Sale, Khakis, Bubbles, Tater Tot, Grillz, Monacle, Supa Fly, Wait Time, The Plague, Lite Brite (FNG), Convoy

QIC: Convoy

Convoy gave the F3 credo, mission statement, 5 core principles, and disclaimer.  1 FNG (Lite Brite).

The PAX moseyed to the upper parking lot for Warm-a-Rama.


Side Straddle Hops (x10 I/C)

Spiderman Lunges (x10, 4 count, I/C)

Big Ones (10-count left, 10-count right)

Tappy Taps (x10 I/C)

Mosey to school wall for Pre-Thang #1

Pre-Thang #1:

Wall Worm.  For 1st pass, everyone in Balls to the Wall position against school wall, PAX at far left executes five count then jumps down and sprints to end of the PAX line at far right.  Do this until every PAX has sprinted to end of line.

2nd pass, everyone in Wall Chair position against school wall.  Same five count and sprint until everyone goes.

Pre-Thang #2:

Teams of 3.  Four corners, stay with your team.  Same exercise and reps at each of the 4 corners.  We do 4 laps, new exercise with each lap.  Plank til six is in.

Lap 1 = Chuck Norris Merkins (x25), Lap 2 = Air Squats (x25), Lap 3 = LBCs (x25), Lap 4 = Burpees (x10)

The Thang:

Same teams of 3.  One PAX is the runner, 2nd PAX at one end, 3rd PAX at opposite end.  Track cumulative totals until rep count reached, then move to next exercise.  Different list of exercises at each end, 100 reps each (none I/C), rinse and repeat if reach end of list. 

Runner sprints to opposite end and swaps places with PAX #2, continuing reps on current exercise.  PAX #2 sprints to opposite end of field and swaps with PAX #3, continuing reps on current exercise, and so on.

List #1 – Diamond Merkins | Bonnie Blairs | Plank Jacks |Big Boy Sit-Ups | Monkey Humpers

List #2 – Alt Shoulder Taps | Groiners | Bobby Hurleys | Gas Pumpers | Side Straddle Hops

“Omaha” called at 6:50a.  Mosey to shovel flags for 6MOM.


American Hammers – “Rancid style” (one rep by each PAX I/C, in succession, end with QIC)


Khakis Q school

Millard South lauch this week

Kielbasa getting married next week!

Prayers for Brandon Urban family and Convoy’s sister Maggie


Convoy talked about how amazing it is who God puts in your life, and more importantly when He puts them there.

Very thankful for our man, Roadhouse.  He was the first person Convoy met when unexcitedly moving to Omaha middle of junior year in high school, instantly connecting him to new surroundings and new friends.

Then went 15+ years with very little contact, and suddenly Roadhouse re-enters his life, connects Convoy with F3, and becomes THE beacon of light at a pretty turbulent and uncertain time.  God’s hand at work.

Convoy encouraged the group to go find someone, initiate conversation, seek out an opportunity to make an impact in their life.  You never know the difference you might make.

Tater Tot then closed with Ball of Man and an awesome prayer (!)

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