Backblast: Trident 8/10/2021, Answer the call

Q-Slow Pitch

Humid as a mofo, hot as crap.

27 Pax: TC (Respect), Convoy, Retweet, Starkiss, Tuna Fish, Short Sale, U-Haul, Drano, Flanders, Wide Right, Bubbles, Kielbasa, Rain Man, Dirty Bird, Tin Cup, Doppler, Wentworth, Ponzi, The Plague, Jimmy Neutron, Escobar, Skidz, Rollbar, Grillz, Sister Act, Roadhouse, Slow Pitch and honorable mention Nomad.  

Slow Pitch arrived a few minutes before 5am and had a little dialogue with a few Pax members getting ready to go on their pre-run. Damn, it is muggy. The Q went to set up some cones on the grassy area and then timed himself and found a running path that was .26 miles on the nuts. He did one lap and was pleased that he didn’t finish the next 2.74 miles of a pre-run. It was not an easy morning to breathe air in. Catfish and electric eels would do just fine in this gloom.

Time was 5:30, the Q gathered everyone and went overMission Statement, not a Professional, Principles (this guy still can only remember 3 out of the 5 core principles after countless Q’s and workouts. It is scientifically proven that he’s just a moron). Warmarama this morning is a mosey on the .26-mileroute. Slow Pitch informed the Pax to remember it because they will be doing it again. Starkiss led the mosey while Slow Pitch bombarded him with questions. Possibly not one of them answered. 

The Pax circled up by shovel flags on grass and Roadhouse acknowledged Slow Pitch’s thriftiness, as he turned on the lamps after arrival, so he wouldn’t use too much battery in the 2.5 minute mosey.

The Q took this time to ask the Pax to do calf raises while he read the Hudson Tribute preface and a quick short explanation who Hudson’s father, Nomad, is. Slow Pitch also informed the Pax it is his son’s 8thbirthday today and that he has such gratitude for his life’s path being crossed with Nomad’s.  

Hudson Tribute Beatdown:

On 10/3/2020, our F3NWA brother Nomad, Russ Fryar and his wife lost their 5-month-old son, Hudson. He was born 4/18/20, happy, healthy and is the younger brother to his 1.5-year-old sister. Hudson was not himself on 10/2, not eating well or getting comfortable and was fussy. After putting him down that evening his parents were alerted to his room in the early hours of 10/3, where they found him non-responsive and without pulse. The paramedics were unable to resuscitate him. As you can imagine, this is a tremendously difficult loss for Nomad and his family. Please join me in remembering Hudson and others taken from us too soon and in supporting our brother and his family.

There were a couple small variations made to the original workout, due to no coupons and the Q’s love for Jump Tucks. Slow Pitch asked the Pax to pair up, for after the first round, pairs would control their own pace, but Slow Pitch led the first round and explained during the lead.

H: Hand Release Burpees (8)

U: Up Jumps (21) – AKA Jump Tucks

D: Dan Taylors (4) – 1 Squat 4 alt lunges, up to 4/16 

S: Spiderman Merkins (19) – right knee to right elbow, left to left elbow during Merkins

O: Outlaws (15) – on six, core exercise both feet drawing an “O” 

N: No Surrenders (14) AKA: Hydraulic Squats

Take a lap.

Complete a total of 5 rounds.

During the workout there was very little mumblechatter, except for Plague and that is normal. The guy just never seems to run out of air and he was the Q’s partner with Ponzi. Slow Pitch and Ponzi were giving themselves 10 counts throughout the workout while Plague would be talking about something, keep doing the exercise without breathing hard and at some point grabbed his speaker and played music for the Pax. It was a nice touch. Slow Pitch can always count on the Plague to break up the monotony of an ass kicker. Some got through four rounds, some may have not, however everyone was sweaty and tired. We have the men of F3NWA to thank for the idea of the Hudson Tribute.

Omaha was called at 6:08

Circled up for Mary, did American Hammers, Rancid style, starting with Flanders, he chose the direction.

COT: Our family goes to Northwest Arkansas (NWA),every summer, for a week and 2 years ago, I posted down there for the first time at F3NWA. Last year, I posted a couple of times, meeting and connecting with a Pax member named Nomad. We started to build a friendship and took an interest in each other’s lives and F3. We connected over the next few months with some discussions, then in October last year, I saw that their family had lost their 5-month-old son. I didn’t know what to do, but decided to call him over the lunch hour, with hopes and belief he would let it go to voicemail. He didn’t. He answered and said, “Hey Slow Pitch.” I was at a loss and didn’t know what to say, except, I’m sorry about your son. The next twenty minutes we talked as fathers, one that had just experienced the tragedy of losing a child and the other learning how to be loving, supportive and sympathetic to another man. We both cried and I wished I could hold this man in my arms. Over the next ten months he has dove into his community, F3, by participating in Grow Rucks, Site/Region expansion, becoming the Comz-Q, helping the families of other Pax members that have experienced loss, all the while of being a husband and father to his wife and daughter. We’ve remained connected and ultimately, we were able to Co-Q two weeks ago together. I share this with you because he had the biggest excuse to not answer the phone at that moment. Especially, from a long-distance Pax member that he met a couple of months earlier. But he didn’t. To me, he is an example of an amazing leader. He answered the phone when he hurt the most and the end result was two men and fathers were able to form a bond and love for each other, because of that vulnerability. There are Pax members in this circle that I know are experiencing challenges in their own lives. Some might feel like they don’t want to answer the phone because of the burden they believe they are on others, or they feel lesser than or they’re experiencing some heavy events. My message to you is, no matter what is going on, in your life, answer the phone. You don’t know that you picking up the phone may be such a positive impact on the person calling, that it helps the two of you learn about love, comfort and sympathy. I can tell you this; it was one of the most important phone calls that I ever made and I’m so glad I did. Nomad answering the phone that day has opened my eyes of how to live life gracefully, under all circumstances, how to dive into F3 and in return be a better father, husband and servant to others. Thank you, Nomad! And the rest of you answer the phone!

Prayer:  TC prayed us out

Humbled to lead,

Slow Pitch

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