Pax: 18 – Sportiva, Pony Express (Hate), Ponzi, Reba, Othello, American Picker, Bovine, 2-Step, Cyclone (Respect 2x!), FNG Balto Polaroid

Q: Polaroid

Woke up to some unexpected rain showers and lightning.  Our workout was set to be a sequence of short mosey’s with pain stations along the way.  YHC planned for a tentative backup beatdown if relocation was necessary.  Welcomed the PAX and our FNG Balto to The Woodshed at 5:30. Mission Statement, Disclaimer and Principles shared before a mosey to the Grotto

Warm O’ Rama

15IC Big Ones

15IC Wheat Pickers

15 Werkins

Split PAX into two groups who they would stay with for duration of workout.  Mosey to stairs near Pool.

Pre-Thang #1 Motivator 

SSH sequences starting with 8 reps, 7, 6, 5, etc… Full SSH, then parallel to ground, then just leg splits with arms at side then just bunny hops in place.  All summed together this accounted for 144 reps.

Mosey to the top of the UNO parking garage.

Pre-Thang #2 Leap Frog

Light posts at the top of the parking garage were used to define the route.  Of the four selected light posts each contained an exercise to complete as a group AMRAP.  One group would complete the exercise while the other ran a lap until they “lept” the group.  At that point the groups switched. Exercises as follows:

Hand Release Merkins

Monkey Humpers IC

Oh Yeah’s IC

Plank Jacks IC

Mosey to the Pep Bowl at UNO for the thing


PAX remained split in their respective groups.  5 stations were set up approximately 10 yards apart as a ladder with 2 reps being added each time up the ladder.  For example 2 reps the first time, then 4, then 6 etc.

Exercises Completed were as follows:



Calf Raises IC

Mountain Climbers IC

Air Squats

Bernie Sanders back to start.  The groups each got to 12 reps before Omaha was called at 6:05.

Mosey back to shovel flag for quick Mary consisting of consecutively Rancid style rounds of Flutter Kicks and American Hammers.


“Expectation is the greatest thief of Joy.  Learn to expect nothing and you will never be disappointed.”  It is easy to go through each day and put constraints on your capabilities.  It is easy to instill self-doubt and listen that voice as you question yourself.  Look at just how successful each and every one of you are! Approach things from a positive perspective and participate when new opportunities present themselves.  Don’t anticipate what comes next, participate with what is brought your way each day.

FIA launch on Saturday 8/7

Launch of Rabbit Hole on Sunday 8/8

2 Club Conundrum to be held on Saturday, 9/11


Closed in prayer – Polaroid

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