August 8 , 2021//Benson Park//AO-The Rabbit Hole – Launch////

Sponsor:  Paradise Island
Pax: Slow Pitch, Tater Tot, Khakis (respect), Selleck, Othello, Spreadsheet, Tug Boat, Lansbury, Icy Hot, Mac and Cheese, U-Haul, Huffy, Side Dish, Pantyhose, Folsom, Nailed It, Bloodshot, Frosty

Q: Frosty and Slow Pitch

7am and what a morning.  There was a heck of a storm the night before but the park still looked great.  YHC welcomed everyone to LAUNCH of The Rabbit Hole.  F3 stands for FITNESS, FELLOWSHIP AND FAITH.  Today we are going to focus on the first F –  FITNESS

Five Core Principles:  

  1. Free
  2. Open to All Men
  3. Held outside rain or shine
  4. Peer lead in a rotating fashion
  5. ALWAYS ends in a circle of trust

DISCLAIMER:  I am not a professional so please modify as needed

Started off with a quote from literature

“This is your last chance. After this there is no turning back. You take the blue pill, the story ends; you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.  . . . . You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” – The Matrix

Warm O’ Rama:  What an opportunity to take a lap around the lake/lagoon and show off the various parts of the park.  The path around the lake is .4 miles long with picnic tables, benches, a lookout peninsula, a large gazebo, a very large covered pavilion and more.  SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES!

  • Mosey to first clearing, SSH IC
  • Mosey to clearing on the north end, Tappy Taps IC
  • Mosey to pavilion, Cherry Pickers IC
  • Mosey to dock, Big Ones (followed by Dry docks because, you know, we were on a dry dock.  It was SO FRIGGIN’ LITERAL)
  • Mosey to water playground

Pre-Thang:  For the pre-thang we did 4 exercises to prepare us for the ultimate sport – Dodgeball!  Dodgeball skills consist of the 5 D’s.

  • Dodge – Ono’s, 10 –  lead by Folsom followed by 10 merkins
  • Duck – Monkey Humpers, set of 20, followed by 10 merkins
  • Dip – Dips, set of 20, followed by 10 merkins
  • Dive – Burpees, set of 5, followed by 10 merkins
  • Dodge – Play dodgeball

Dodgeball:  We divided into 2 teams and hit the court. 

(The basketball court was occupied by some geese.  The PAX worked together to herd the geese out the door and an amazing thing happened.  There were 3 geese left.  2 were walking through the door and one was in the corner, a little confused.  One of the geese turned away from the door and walked toward the corner.  Once the confused goose followed its lead, they both exited the court safely.  . . . No Goose Left Behind!)

9 on 9 Dodgeball with  a couple of rule tweaks.

1.    You must keep your feet moving at all times (running in place)
2.    If you are hit or caught out, it is 5 burpees
3.    The game continues until Tater Tots team has more people, and then time is called

Two games were played.  Each team won a game.  MVP was clearly Side Dish

The Thang:  At this point, YHC turned it over to Slow Pitch.  Slow Pitch did what every good Q does and scouted the location.  Slow Pitch found hills.  We “passed through” the trees on a bridge taking us even further down the hole to Dill Softball field.  Slow Pitch guided us up, through and around the Dill with pain stations along the way.  

  1. Softball field – 10 merkins and 30 Big Boys
    More moseying through a clearing just beyond centerfield, how deep does this go?
  2. 66th and Sprague – 10 merkins, 25 Big Boys, Heel Touches (this shall forever be known as Khaki’s Korner . . . he knows why . . . but I don’t want no trouble)
    Mosey along 66th (what an amazing view of the entire park) until another break in the treeline – we went through it
  3. Clearing along Ames – 10 merkins, Big Boys, Heel Touches, Left/Right/Center LBCs
    “ohhh, he’s building on it each stop”! I heard.  It was true.  We moseyed over near the soccer field
  4. Near the Soccer Field – 10 merkins, Big Boys, Heel Touches, LRC LBCs and Protractors (leg lifts at 10, 45 and 90 degrees at the direction of Slow Pitch)

6 MoM

  • American Hammers IC (Rancid Style around the circle)

Mumblechatter: Selleck asked about the “sponsoring” of The Rabbit Hole.  What does it mean.  YHC gave a little backstory of how this idea came about.  I Q’d a pop-up, Uhaul Q’d a pop-up and Othello Q’d a pop-up.  Each Q brought a unique lense.  I could see this becoming a site and thought, “what would it be like if each site added a little more to this culture”.  Nobody could take us moseying around with pain stations like someone from Paradise Island!  Selleck then burst Frosty’s bubble and said, “plus it makes scheduling a lot easier”.   . . . It does.

Slow Pitch took a moment and said some very nice things about YHC and my journey in F3.  I was so humbled to hear these things and I am so honored to be given the opportunity to help F3 by Qing The Rabbit Hole.  

Announcements/Prayer Requests: Mac and Cheese’s M’s aunt passed away,  asked for prayers.  Spreadsheet’s grandfather is transitioning to another life stage requiring a little more help.  Continued prayers for the FIA launch and a nice conversation started about being a good friend to those who need a little extra.  

COT:  Alright Rabbit Hole!  For my COT I just want to share with you what this site means to me.  Starting with the name.  First of all, we’re in Benson and Benson Bunnies.  We wanted to extend our reach and this park was perfect for it. 

Next, The Rabbit Hole is mentioned and depicted in literature and pop culture as a kind of never-ending journey into an altered reality.  A journey that begins by getting uncomfortable.  Taking the red pill instead of the blue pill.  

Man it was hard for me to come to F3.  It was horrible and I was horrible at it.  I’m still not exactly being asked to be on the recruiting poster, but my reality sure has altered from what it was just a short time ago.  I remember telling Slow Pitch that I just want to be able to do 50% of this.  “just wait until you’re pre-running” he said.  That wasn’t reality to me, but it is now thanks to my Clydesdale brothers.  My First F reality has altered.

My second F reality has altered as well.  I really want to specifically thank Slow Pitch for co-Qing today and being my F3 ninja.  Uhaul, Spreadsheet, Sparty and Othello for getting this ball rolling with me.  Folsom and Buns for ALWAYS being here.  And Tater Tot, who is just so generous with his time that it humbles me.  These friendships and others like it are definitely altered reality.

Third F reality is for sure altered.  I can’t deny there is something bigger at work here.  I see it in all of your lives.  I see it in the changes you are making to YOUR realities.  And gentleman, there is no way I go from where I was and how I felt to where I am and how I feel now, outside of a miracle.  

So my COT, my one to grow on, is to get uncomfortable.  Keep altering your reality and making your life and the lives of others better.  See where you’ve accelerated and accelerate even more.  Physically, personally, professionally, spiritually.  Take it up a notch.  Are you a better husband these days?  Find a way to be even better. Find a way to accelerate in every aspect of your life.

So, come down the Rabbit Hole, let’s get uncomfortable and alter our reality.  Let’s become better than we’ve ever been!

Aye – Frosty

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