August 9, 2021//Memorial Park//AO-Ironwood//70 Thick degrees//

13 Pax: KC, Dome (Hate!), Gunner, Othello, Jack Rabbit, Rooster, Bovine, Hipster (Respect! Respect!), Doll Face (Respect!), Evan (FNG hereinafter forever know as Sylvester), Ethan (FNG hereinafter forever known as Datsun), 2 Step, and Folsom.

Q: Folsom

The PAX gathered at the Shovelflags, at exactly 05:30, Folsom welcomed the PAX with the mission statement, the 5 core principles, a disclaimer that he was not a professional, even though in his mind he really is. Then he began the beatdown.

Warm O’ Rama 05:31

  • ¼ mile mosey
  • Sprinklers, ICx10
  • Tappy Taps ICx10
  • Sun Gods, ICx10, forwards and backwards
  • Box Cutters ICx15

The Pre-Thang: Chicago St. 05:40

  1. Station 1, Mountain Chargers:
    1. Perform Mountain Climber ICx5
    1. Come out of “the blocks” in a sprint up the hill to station 2
  2. Station 2, Clockwork Merkins x2
    1. Merkin at 12 o’clock
    1. Merkin at 3 o’clock
    1. Merkin at 6 o’clock
    1. Merkin at 9 o’clock
    1. Merkin at 12 o’clock
    1. That equals one Clockwork Merkin, after 2 mosey back down the hill, to station 1, rinse and repeat. This was so nice we did it twice, but not so nice as to want to do it thrice.

The Thang: 21 5:46

  • 20 Heels to Heaven
  • Mosey to the Pull Up bars
  • 1 Chin up or Pull Up
  • Mosey back to grass
  • 19 Heels to Heaven, etc. until Omaha was called (YHC got to 7 Chin Ups)

The Post Thang: Log Toss 5:56

Folsom had the PAX mosey the ¼ mile back to the shovelflags. The six kept it tight and we were able to count off by 4’s pretty quickly. Each team then got a log to toss. Each team member got to toss the log at least once. After tossing the log the team bear crawled to where it landed, then the next team member tossed it, all bear crawled, etc. until everyone had tossed the log once. Then winners were the team that had collectively thrown the log the furthest. The other 3 teams had to do 5 Burpees. Actually, we were all winners.  We did this twice before Omaha was called.  

Mumblechatter: Doll Face brought his two boys to their first F3 beatdown today. I was honored that he chose my beatdown to get them out. I was also honored by hearing all the support and positivity they got from the PAX. We had a couple of long moseys and there’s no time at the end to catch your breath. I know I struggled my first handful of workouts too. They did great today and I hope to see them both out again soon!

COT: Life is short. When Folsom was a teenager, he worked with a slightly older guy named Mike. Mike was a nice guy and pretty funny. He showed Folsom the ropes of working at McDonalds. Although Mike was in his early 20’s, he still lived at home and in addition to working at McDonald’s, he also had a paper route. One morning, his dad was eating breakfast when he realized Mike was still in bed. Normally, Mike would have already been out delivering papers. When Mike’s dad pulled back the covers and grabbed his son to shake him awake, he felt how cold he was. Mike had passed in his sleep. They later found out that Mike had a heart condition, and it just quit in the middle of the night. There was nothing anyone could have done. Folsom was shocked and saddened by the passing of his friend at such a young age. Folsom looked for the lesson here and decided that it was, “Life is short, live each day like it’s your last, because it just might be.”

Aye- Folsom

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