Started only in May, the APEX is turning into a staple amongst the F3 Omaha PAX.  It promises to make you tired and regret your decision to get up in the morning.  It promises to push your heart rate higher.  It promises that it will also be outdoors even in the dog days of summer.  And when the humidity is so heavy you can eat it…it promises to provide the spoons.  Well the APEX in July certainly delivered on these promises.

APEX July 28, 2021 – Rockbrook Elementary

PAX: U Haul, Hard Hat, Smash Mouth, Greek Freak, Khakis, Tator Tot, Chiclets, Ketchup (Q)

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T-Claps to Tator Tot, Smash Mouth, Greek Freak, Chiclets and Hard Hat.  The efforts of these 5 HIM led to new Top 3 rankings in each event with Hard Hat, Tator Tot, Smash Mouth claiming the top spots in three of the events.  Certainly provides some motivation for those of us that are looking to make the list!! COT –The 6th man in the circle was summoned to the center of the group and was given instructions to tell us more about who they are as a person and share something about themselves beyond what everyone already knows.  Tator Tot was the lucky man and left us with a message that was better than the Q could have come up with…our lowest points result in the greatest growth.  We closed in prayer…took an awesome group photo (even though Ketchup invaded Tator Tot’s personal bubble when he should have just kept his hands to himself) and we departed for Coffeteria.

Aye, Ketchup!

APEX July 31, 2021 – Halleck Park

PAX: Double Dip, Fun Dip, Swiper, Chernobyl, Hard Hat (Q)

Following a bit of a rain storm, 4 PAX joined me to take on the APEX test. T-Claps to these guys for completing the test for the first time, and for solid performances across the board. All four got their names on the leaderboard. To no one’s surprise, there was definitely some competitive spirit in the air. That is what the COT was all about. This test by nature causes us all to get a little competitive, even when we say it’s you vs. you. Having your brothers there completing the test along side you provides a little extra motivation to work a little harder, push out another rep, or go just a little faster. Afterwards, having some fun conversation, and being happy for the guys that did really well, this is what healthy competition looks like. Not getting consumed by getting beat by someone else, or being extremely disappointed in yourself for your performance in a certain event. Those are things that although may help fuel major accomplishments for some, can also lead to a destructive personality that may take away from you the things that really matter. It’s ok to be competitive, but in most situations, make sure it’s healthy competition. We prayed it out, and joined the Pit crew for some onsite coffee.

Aye, Hard Hat!

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