moe.rning beacon

moe. is a jam band from New York and have been kicking ass and melting faces for over 25 years

Gathering at shovel flag 5:30

Walk up-Grateful dead -Eyes of the World –Days Between nod

f3- fitness, fellowship and faith

5 Pillars- open to all men, held outdoors, led in a rotating fashion, free of charge, and ends in a COT.  Performed in 2 step fashion

Mission statement provide mens small work out groups to invigorate the male community leadership.

Modify as needed, I am NOT a professional

Short Mosey north around tennis courts to horse shoe of the school

Windmills 20 IC

Big Ones 10 IC each way

Step through open twist (yoga) 5 count each side

String rippers 10 count


Imperial walkers 20 IC

Mountain climbers 20 IC

Goofballs 20 IC


CopperHead squats 20IC


Freddy mercury 20 IC


Plank Jacks 20IC

Huffy 10 speeds 20IC

Cherry pickers 10IC

WolfMoon x 3

16 minute warm a rama / prethang set to 15minute moe. live performance of George!

Thang-prior to we numbered off by 3 all those who were 3s where given a green light to do a rooster call at any time notifying PAX to drop and perform 3 burpees

Soccer field

Partnered up

First set wheel barrel 25 yards>bernie sanders to goal>jog back to start

20 LBC

Partners switched wheel barrel (same as above)

Second set was PAX carry 25 yards then the same but at goal line added 20 merkins to the 20 LBC.

R/R for 3rd set but adding 20 airsquats and so on adding 20 Carolina dry docks

I believe Omaha was called before CDD performed.

Okay Alright>Big Country>Bring you down (moe.)

6MOM moe. Head (5:57)

Freddy M 20IC

Flutter kicks 20IC

Low dolly 20IC

Instagram model 20IC

Bridge one leg raises 10 each leg

Frozen Freddy 20IC

Swinger loosing oxygen may have blacked out

But I think we ended with American Hammers at this point Rancid style

Plus 11 more to finish the song and crescendo perfectly 30 in all

Announcements and prayers


I went back to thanksgiving queen service and was doing well and coming off a great summer fall run of posting.  Then injury took hold and try as I did to post or bruiser post, it was not helping that I couldn’t hang in.  That led to fattening up, fart sacking, bad decisions, bad vices, bad dad, bad husband.  All the while I knew and could imagine F3 as my beacon/ my light house/ in the shit storm I put myself in.  I have overcome injury recently and now feeling like I can give back (Q) last time was almost a year to this date 8/20/20

I started to read entrepreneur books, Napoleon Hill Out witting the devil, E-myth, and others- a common denominator is to surround yourself with positive people- well I couldn’t help but to think of F3.  There is nothing more positive in my life than to be surrounded by PAX, much like I was during this COT…

The gist is this- if you are lost at sea like I was and still am, because I am not mature enough to stop, you can always count on or look to F3 as that beacon of light in the gloom to guide you to be a better person in all facets.

Prayer done by my brother Beta MAX



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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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