8-7-2021 0600 AO: Dragon’s Lair Weather: A beautiful mid-70s morning with low humidity

PAX: Tonight Show, Yodel, Gator, Fenceline, Blades of Glory, Lincoln Logs (Respect, Respect), Speed Square, Bloodshot, Crab Cakes, Moonman, Mr. Myagi, FNG now known as Capsized

QIC: Rollbar

Finding that our expected FNG had posted to the other park in Gretna, YHC gave the welcome, Core Principles and disclaimer promptly at 0600, punted the planned mosey until after our Warmorama exercises so we would be easy to find.


  • Side Straddle Hop 20IC
  • Tappy-Taps 10IC
  • Big Ones 10IC
  • Sungods 10 forward and back IC
  • Cherry Pickers x25IC

Having been joined by our FNG mid-way through, the PAX was led on a short mosey around the tennis courts, to the opposite side of the park where an unplanned pre-thang was added to the beatdown. YHC lead the PAX in the #Crowdpleaser, The Steinl! (Shoutout to the OG Nantan, Wait Time)

A short mosey across the field led us to our home for the Thang. Starting up a critically acclaimed playlist to accompany the suffering (Ok, so it was only Tonight Show, but still…), YHC explained that we would be working through B.L.I.M.P.S. with a twist, we would be performing 100 of each exercise with the first one to complete it would call out “DONE”  and we’d move on. The twist was YHC had added an EMOM timer when it gave out the soon to be dreaded “Beep, beep, BEEEEP” we would be doing 3 burpees.


Big boys


Imperial walkers


Plank jacks


30 minutes and 4 Sets of BLIMPS later (Yes, for those doing the math at home that’s 90 Burpees!!)

6 MOM:

YHC called out a few PAX to lead out exercises for Mary:

Sweat Angels (Tonight Show)

Protractors (Speed Square)

Box Cutters (Blades of Glory)

American Hammers (Lincoln Logs)

COT: Royalty Race/ Liver Eaters

F3 terminology talks about the Royalty Race, The King, The Queen, and the Jester. 

The King: The Daily Discipline Of Physically Training The Body- A man’s Right relationship with himself

The Queen: The Queen is an integral Guardrail in the HIM’s pursuit of proper personal alignment. As with chess, if the Queen is taken off the board, it is not long before the King finds himself checkmated. No matter how hard and consistently a man may exercise, if his diet is haphazard his Fitness kingdom will not long stand. The Queen cannot be ignored, even by the strongest of Kings.

The Jester: The Jester is the temptation of the flesh that hinders Acceleration. It is that one stumbling block (amongst the many available) that a man finds himself tripping over repeatedly before he turns Pro. No matter how strong his Routines are that support his King and Queen, if he fails to Prepare for his Jester he will not be able to Get Right. Unimpeded, the Jester will undo his hard work and destroy his proper personal alignment.

We spend a whole lot of time working on, and thinking about,  the first two. But the latter, The Jester, probably affects our day to day life more deeply than the other two. 

I have spent a good amount of time thinking about my Jester, my shieldlock and I have discussed our Jesters at length, and I have long said that it is anger. Recently, at GrowRuck I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t really anger, but selfishness manifested in anger. This comes out most, when I don’t feel like I get the recognition I “deserve” at home.

In recognizing this, and verbalizing it to my M and my Shieldlock I have taken away a great deal of the power that the Jester has over me. It allows me to be prepared to deal with it, and it has given my Shieldlock the ability to hold me accountable. 

I encourage each of you to take a look at yourself and find your Jester. Tell your brothers, make it known so that you can prepare to fight it, and be held to account by those who stand with you. 

I closed with a quote from Dark Helmet as he closed out GrowSchool in St. Louis: 

They know I will eat my own liver before I let them down. And they know I will eat their livers if they give me or the team any less than their high end max. I love them and I tell them I tell them over and over and over.

I think our charge is to be liver eaters, that’s a funny way to say it. But we show up at these things, the stuff we go through tonight, all of the workout and all that’s all very much a lot of fun right? …

But the way that you’re going to leave legacy, the way that you’re going to make a difference in this world is you’re going to look at the men to left and to the right and your shieldlock ,amongst the greater group. And you’re going to think to yourself, I will eat my own liver, or I will eat theirs because I will not tolerate less than what they are capable of, and we’ll push ourselves to legacy. 

Frank “Dark Helmet” Schwartz, GTE23 GrowSchool

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