Wild Kingdom Backblast: When the Site Q’s away…8/03/2021,

Wild Kingdom AO

PAX:Butterfly, Hawg, Cheap Seats, Cutting Edge, Speed Square, Tee Ball, Bear Grylls, Dr Thunder, Painkiller, Unicycle, Wax On, Blades of Glory, Gator, Barn DoorQ: Barn Door

14 PAX arrived to receive the welcome and disclaimer. We moseyed to the boat dock parking lot for Warm-a-rama:

15 IC SSH,

15 IC Tappy Taps,

15 IC Imperial Walkers, and

15 IC Cherry Pickers.

We then moseyed through the forest and had to dive under some fallen branches to make our way to the dike to then return down the hill back to the parking lot. We proceeded into a 3 group grinder.

Group 1 @ Picnic Table/Restroom wall●Steps ups●Chicken Peckers●Alternating Lunges●Balls to the Wall

Group 3 @ grass area by shovel flags●Alternating side squats●Tie Fighters (arms circles in a lunge hold, switch)●Copperhead Squats●Burpees

Group 2 held a 20 count IC plank to give Group 3 time to make it to theirstation.

Group 2 was then the start of the push sequence.

Unfortunately, none of the groups made it to the 4th exercise so we missed out on those burpees!“Omaha” was called and the PAX moseyed back to the shovel flags.


20 IC Freddy Mercury,

20 IC flutter kicks, and 2 rounds of Rancid StyleAmerican Hammers.

Circle of Trust

:●Announcements: HDHH at Kros Strain, followed by Mutton busting and rodeo at Sarpy county fair.

●Prayers: Several PAX needed prayers for the grandmothers in their lives for several different ailments. We also gave praise for Escobar’s son being home.

●COT: Tee Ball ended up being the 6th man in the count off so he stepped into the middle to tell us a little more about himself. Ask him about his golf trip next week to find out who was the big winner and who talked the most trash!oYHC continued with the COT and gave a message about making a decision first thing in the morning to get better. You can either get better or get bitter. The past is the past and you need to learn from it and then let it go. Move forward to createthe life you want.

Aye!Barn Door

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