5 August 2021 / The Maize / Copperfields Park  / 72 degrees / Wind SE 5 mph / 76% humidity / Mostly Clear

PAX (20): Vandelay (Respect), Mufasa, Wait Time, Patchy Adams (Hate), Blades of Glory, Fence Line, Tee Ball, Tonight Show, Escobar, Moon Man, Crab Cakes, Pain Killer, Mr. Miyagi, Barn Door, Griswold, Hard Hat, Bear Grylls, Lincoln Logs (Respect, Respect), Speed Square, and Gator

QIC: Gator

Pre-run (6): Barn Door, Vandelay, Griswold, Blades of Glory, Hard Hat, and Gator.

I was so glad when Barn Door asked me to Q the first workout at The Maize after he took the Shovel Flag from Sasquatch. Barn Door is an outstanding HIM and he will do great things at The Maize.

I arrived at 4:50, just in time to see Barn Door plant the Shovel Flag. Vandelay arrived a few moments later – appreciated him making the long drive to run and post with us out west. As usual, Blades of Glory came in hot and at exactly 5:00 a.m. We gave him a minute to put on his shoes and took off.

We crossed the road and, despite a serious head start, Hard Hat somehow caught up to us. I checked Strava and he ran a half mile at a 6:00 minute pace to catch up – well done, brother!

There was a nice crowd gathered around the Shovel Flags when we returned. We circled up; the Q welcomed the PAX to F3 at The Maize; hit the creedo; the mission statement, and the five core principles. After the disclaimer and confirmation that there were no FNGs, we moseyed to the basketball court for Warm-A-Rama


We did the following exercises:

SSH x 20 IC

Big Ones x 12 IC

Tappy Taps x 15 IC

The Q wanted to make sure we had enough time for a tough pre-thang, so we lined up on the south side of the basketball court.

The Pre-Thang

As a group, we did 20 merkins, led by the Q.

Then we did Walking Lunges to the other side of the court.

We planked until the 6 was in and did 20 more merkins, led by Mufasa.

We did lunges again going the other way, planked, and then 20 more merkins, led by Blades of Glory.

And then repeat, with Mr. Miagyi leading the merkins.

And again, led by Tee Ball.

And once more, led by Hard Hat.

We lunged back to the south side and held plank before the Q concluded the pre-thang, which was followed by some quality mumblechatter.

Then we did a mosey down the sidewalk, over the bridge, and to the top of hill next to Cleveland Blvd. Wait Time let the Q know a new Starbucks had opened on 204th between F Street and Center – the Coffeeteria plan was now set!

PAX partnered up for a two-man grinder. I had a great partner with Griswold (“Team Double G”) who continued to encourage me and the other PAX as we did the following:

The Thang

One partner bear crawled up the hill and performed 5 burpees before crab walking down to relieve the other PAX performing these AMRAP exercises:










Team Double G made it almost all the way through, but the duo of Hard Hat and Wait Time absolutely crushed this grinder and made it to the end. The Q knew this was the perfect time to call Omaha. After a 10-count recover, we moseyed back to the Shovel Flags for some Mary.

Six Minutes of Mary

Starting on all fours we held beast mode plank with our knees just off the ground for a 30 count. Then we did

Alternating Knee Taps x 15 IC

On our six, with both arms up to the sky, we rolled up and down for

Gator Death Rolls x 10 IC

Then turned to a side plank and curled our right arm under us for

Gator Spears x 5 IC

Then switched sides with our left arm up for more

Gator Spears x 5 IC

The beatdown was finally over and we did


Announcements and Prayers

Wait Time remined us that FIA will meet soon – check Slack for more details on when and where.

Griswold gave us an update on Wide Right’s 2.0 – prayers of thanks for the good news.

Continued prayers for Speed Square’s grandmother.

And Mufasa left us know about a terrible tragedy with the Urban family. Some friends of the Urban’s are PAX members and were already aware. We will continue to offer our prayers in this very difficult time. Thank you, Mufusa, for your words this morning.


This is my third Q and I continued my short tradition of beginning with a trivia question:

Who won the gold medal on August 5, 1936 for the 200-meter dash at the Olympics?

Wait Time hit the buzzer and correctly answered:

Jessie Owens

This great American is known for many achievements, including 4 gold medals at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. He is also noted as saying:

Friendships born on the field of athletic strife are the real gold of competition. Awards become corroded, friends gather no dust.”

Upon reading that quote, it seemed to me that Jessie Owens ought to be an Honorary Nan-Tan for F3. The quote sums up what F3 means to me.

Fitness: The PAX this morning were prime examples of what “the field of athletic strife” looks like. It was a tough beatdown to say the least.

Fellowship: The friendships of F3 are amazing. We equally regard those who accelerate, like Hard Hat (seriously, 6-minute pace?), with those who sometimes struggle because we respect the hard work and see that all PAX are giving everything they have in the gloom. These are what create the bonds of friendship that last a lifetime – the “real gold of competition.”

Faith: For me, the Third F is about believing in something greater than yourself. There is more to life than personal awards, the importance of which fade with time. Caring about others and being there for friends in their time of need are acts that “gather no dust.”

Tonight Show led us out in prayer in a particularly sweaty Ball of Man. I am always grateful for Tonight Show’s leadership. He is often called on to lead us in prayer. His words this morning showed us why Qs frequently request him to do so.

I am grateful for the opportunity to lead a workout with such an extraordinary group of men – aye!

– Gator –

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