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PAX:  Sparty, Jean Claude, Greasefire, Swayze (FNG), Frosty, Icy Hot, No Doze, Tater Tot, Vandelay (R), The Plague, Splinter, Dirty Bird, Big One, Slow Pitch, 2nd Chance, Biff, Swinger, Two Step, Smashmouth, Retweet, and Saul  

Q: Saul-

welcomed 20 PAX to Paradise Island. Saul explained the mission of F3, checked for FNGs and reminded PAX to modify as needed.

1 – Warm-A-Rama

PAX moseyed out of the Paradise parking lot and over to the Regency Lake and Tennis Club.

•             SSH 20 IC

•             Windmills 10 IC

•             String Rippers 10 IC

•             Imperial Walkers 20 IC

•            Sun Gods 10 IC

•             Merkins 10

PAX moseyed out of the Regency Lake Tennis Club  parking lot and around the lake to start The Thang.

2 – The Thang

First, the PAX stopped at the apartment leasing office off Pacific street and did the following exercise(s):

  • ATMS-2 sets with 10 for each exercise (Alternating shoulder taps, Tempo Merkins, and Merkins)

Second, the PAX ran to Harney/Regency Pkwy and did the following exercise(s):

  • 10 LL Cool Js (Alternating Lunges (R-L), then a standard Burpee & finish with a Jump Squat = LL Cool J. The “Cool” part is the burpee.)

Third, the PAX ran to the top of hill and did the following exercise(s):

  • 30 air squats
  • 20 Hillbillies

Fourth, the PAX ran back to the Paradise parking lot for 6MOM.


•             American Hammer 25 IC

Circle of Trust:

•             TAPS

I started thinking about this COT a couple weeks ago when I watched the movie Cinderella Man. This is a boxing movie about rags to riches. The movie really had me thinking about whether I was prepared to get knocked on my ass and get back up like the main character.

Jim Braddock, was a successful boxer in the 1920s before the stock market crashed. The stock market crash and him breaking his dominant boxing hand led him to the poor house. He was forced to become a day laborer and he was rarely picked because of his noticeable broken hand. When he was picked, he trained his other hand to get stronger.

He went through a lot of struggles during this time. He had to send his kids off to a sister-in-law because he could not provide for them. His family had limited food and the kids drank watered down milk. His utilities were disconnected so they had no heat during the winter.

The teaching moments were in how he responded to these difficult times. He showed the gratefulness for the little that he did have. Most importantly, his marriage was strong and they worked as great teammates to provide for the family.

The movie ends with him getting another shot at boxing and he fights his way out of poverty. One key to his return to ring was that he was now a more versatile fighter because his non dominant hand got stronger all those years as a laborer.

After I watched this movie, I really had to ask myself whether I was ready to deal with such severe trials and tribulations as the main character. Life is going to throw at us lots of obstacles such as death of a loved ones, relationship challenges, addictions, and financial troubles. The key is how we respond. Are you doing all you can to be prepared for this situation?

I can’t pontificate a prescription for you to deal with these struggles-you need to do some reflection for yourself. The point is you should be ready for when life hits you. I know one thing that has work for me is continuing to show up at F3. There are endless benefits besides the work out. It’s the connections you make with people. It’s the book studies. It’s all three F’s. But it’s a continuing process you need to pour yourself into, the self improvement process doesn’t stop. Those are things I need to do keep myself for if/when life deals me a challenge. Today, Q source will be a about a closely related topic of Correction. Please join me.

•             Coffeteria at Paradise Island-Q Source Discussion-Correction            


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