August 04, 2021 | AO – Mainstage – Millard South HS (last week of popup!) | 66°

22 PAX: T Ball, Yogi, Skids, Escobar, Overtime, Zero Res, Mufasa, Sister Act, Ear Tag, Mulch, Big House, Dr Thunder, Gator, Barn Door, Blades of Glory, The TOnight SHow, Unicycle, Bear Gryllis, FDIC, and 3 new FNG’s (Welcome!): Stadium, Cuban, and Jimmy Neutron!


At 5:30 FDIC welcomed 22 PAX to a beautiful morning. Explained the mission of F3, reminded PAX that FDIC is not a professional and to modify as needed. Welcomed 3 new guys, and then yelled at everyone to head down to the end zone and circle up for warm-o-rama.


20 SSH

20 Monkey Humpers

10 Big Ones


PAX lined up on the goal line, would bear crawl 10 yards at a time, then do American Hammers, starting with 1 at 10 yards, 2 at 20 yards, so on and so forth, ending with 100 total yards and 55 American Hammers total!  PAX then sprinted back to the opposite goal line.

Main Thang!

Deck of Death! PAX sauntered to the 50 yard line, and split up into two groups. YHC explained that the Official F3 Workout Deck was shuffled and cards would be pulled which determined the exercise and # of reps (2-10, add +10; face card = 25 reps, Ace = 50 reps).  

After each round, the PAX would sprint to the out of bounds line closest to them, and choose to either skip, karaoke, or backpedal to the middle of the field.

Also explained that at some random points throughout the workout, YHC would yell ‘Stairs!’, to which the PAX would stop whatever they were doing, run to the set of stairs nearest them, and run back to the middle of the field!

Here’s what was pulled

9C – High Plank (60 seconds)

4C – Heels to Heaven

6H – Backwards Run (100 yds)

Joker – 20 American Hammers were chosen

  • Stairs ½ way through

10H – Butt Kick

4H – Sprint (200M)

AH – 50 SSH

  • Stairs ½ way through, to which a PAX mumblechatted ‘I KNEW IT!’

10D – Merkins

KS – Squats

6D – Werkins

8H – Squat Thrust

AS – 50 Calf Raises

8C – Gas Pumpers

6C – Chillcut Plank (60sec)

QH – Ended w/Burphees

  • Stairs ½ way through

Moseyed back to shovel flags for 6MOM


Exclaimed to the PAX that we would end with 50 American Hammers, and it was met with a collective groan….started…and called Omaha after 5 of them.


A big concept we refer to in F3, is D2X ( the Dolphin 2 Daffodil, either among the COT’s, or QSource. Which is essentially finding your purpose, and the group in which you would have the biggest impact.  From my personal Christian faith, two scriptures to connect with this is Ephesians 2:10, paraphrased – God created a purpose and wrapped you around it; and Colossians 3:3 – your life is hidden in Jesus.

I truly believe that every single person has a purpose placed in them, and the only way we truly figure out what and how to use that purpose is by being in relationship with the one who we were created through (Jesus).

And again, reiterating, once we find our true purpose, and the group we are to tailor that purpose to, we will truly have the biggest impact on others around us.



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